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Originally Posted by corin_brown View Post
Just out of curiosity, do you happen to be a TD?
No, and to be clear, I do not support the OP's position that all divisions should be offered at any tournament outside Worlds. In general, I think there are currently too many divisions in general and that TDs are already overly generous in what they offer in most tournaments. Around here, for most of the non-sanctioned events (and many sanctioned ones) TDs will create a division if they get four or more players who request it - not sure what more anyone could ask for.

I was hoping to get some specifics from Iver to get an idea of just how accommodating he thought TDs should be instead of just him grousing about the situation in general.

FWIW, I will be eligible for Sr. Grandmasters next year, but I will certainly not start looking for TDs to offer that division just because I qualify for it. I like playing in larger divisions and am fortunate to live in an area with a great group of MPG guys to play and compete with.
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Originally Posted by Lazerface View Post
If a TD does not list every possible division on a flyer does that mean he/she is "restricting" divisions and is that "adequate public notice"? So, if 4 legends show up and they refuse to offer a division, because the flyer did not have Legends on it, will the PDGA rule that acceptable?

If by restrict the PDGA guidelines are expecting the TD to specifically mention the restricted division(s) - exp: "The following divisions will be offered and no other divisions will be opened for the event" or a name like "US Women's championship" then I'm good with that.

In other words I think the rule someone posted above pretty much covers it as long as my hypothetical refusal to open a division situation is against the rules as designed by the PDGA. This allows TDs to run restricted events, while requiring a divisions to 4 or more players at a non-restricted event. I don't think their should be a division for less than 4 players.

If the argument is that every TD who is not running a "restricted" event should be required to list every potential division at time of registration and on advertising, then I disagree.

Am I missing something?
Adequate public notice would be specifically stating (typically on the flyer or in the name of the event) that only certain divisions will be offered. You bring up a couple really good examples. Another example would be declaring the event "Pro only" or "Am only". Absent such notice of restriction, if four legends show up at a tournament and wish to compete in the Legends division, they can't really be denied that by the TD...they might have to forego any trophies if the TD doesn't have them prepared, but that's about it. I don't think anyone in this thread is saying that these players should be denied their request.

My read is that, yes, the argument being posited in this thread is that TDs should always list every potential division on any and all registration forms and flyers even if there's never been a single player who has ever shown interest in playing that division at a given event. And then the onus is on the TD to shift players around at a late date should there not be enough players to form a division. This TD says no thank you to that.
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World AM Doubles is about to add Legend Division. So we need to sign up.
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Originally Posted by corin_brown View Post
Lol! IOW, "the grievance you've experienced is not, in fact, a grievance and cannot be described as 'ageism' or 'discrimination.' And by claiming that it is, you have disqualified yourself from any further participation in this conversation, a conversation which you began."
Thanks for the translation. You seem to be inserting some stuff I did not say but, hey, that's the nature of translation I suppose.

I am done. Good luck to you older fellows on satisfying your desires. Come to the Mid-Atlantic to play and you will likely find TD's more receptive.
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Originally Posted by IVER View Post
World AM Doubles is about to add Legend Division. So we need to sign up.
Good news for you old Ams.

More good news: My brother talked to HB Clarke and HB was very receptive to the idea and has agreed to add Am Legends to Bowling Green. Congrats, you old farts!!
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Default Get it up

I of course mean "keep it up" with regard to contacting TDs about Legends and above. We need each state to include Disc in Senior Olympic Trials.

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I meant to respond to this a month ago. OP, I completely understand and I'm only a whippersnapper Senior Grandmaster. So a couple of decided to hold our own Grandmaster and older Invitational. Although we considered doing a sanctioned event ultimately we decided not to.

Over the Hill and Threw the Woods

I know some folks get all bent when I refer to ball golf as an example, but I think it couldn't hurt to have a Senior. PETA tour of events.

Since 2011 (I think) NY has included disc golf to its events. Most fun as well as competitive event I play.
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