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Originally Posted by Discette View Post
They had an Ace Fund like this in Austin, Minnesota for the Sunday Ace League. However, I don't think you could "buy in". You could only win as much of the Ace Pot as the number of weeks you played. If Ace pot was 20 weeks in the making and you only played 11 weeks, you could only win 11/20 of the Ace Pot. This was to keep players in the Big City from coming to town some Sunday and walking away with $1,000.00 for only showing up one time. And I don't think they let you buy in, you HAD to play every week if you wanted to keep 100% in the fund. I loved and hated this league as the last year I played this league it seemed Sunday was always the coldest and worst weather of the week. However, I was vested and continued to play in the below zero crappy weather just to keep up my chances at that $1,000.00 Ace Pot!

This isn't true, at least not any more and hasn't been for 5 years or so if it ever was that way before. I play this league occasionally, and yes, you can buy all in at any time. This Sunday I believe it's up to $20 to buy in (20 weeks since an ace has been hit) and the pot is over $500. One time I paid $7 to get caught up, hit the ace, and walked away with $50 or so. I appreciate this kind of league, but yes it does discourage me from playing if I haven't invested any $$ along the way, $20 is a big gamble, but they do also allow you to play for just that day's pool for $1 as well, but wouldn't that be a bummer to hit an ace, at a league with a $500 ace pot, and walk away with $8..
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"Ace pot scavengers" are about equal to "baggers" as an actual problem in dg- which is to say not at all.
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At one league I play in, they started doing a general ace pot and a seperate ace pot for every basket.

$1 goes to the general, and $1 goes to the basket bounty. Basically a dollar goes toward each hole in numerical order. So for example, day 1 of your league, 10 people attend. Holes 1 thru 10 have $1 each into their respective bounties. The next week, you would simply start at hole 11, and add a buck to each hole, and after 18, just start back at hole 1.
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Originally Posted by biscoe View Post
"Ace pot scavengers" are about equal to "baggers" as an actual problem in dg- which is to say not at all.

Except I see both as issues.

As far as the ace pot scavenger goes- I have seen it in action. In one of the local leagues a pot grew pretty big for a couple weeks in a row and was a few hundred bucks. People started rolling in from pretty long distances that had never played the league before- which would be fine- except many of them were just making hard runs at the chains every hole with lines that they would NEVER consider taking, and not caring about their actual play during the round. Is their really anything inherently "wrong" with that? I guess it depends on your perspective. I know it would be ****ty to get randomly drawn as their partner.

I also heard of a league in the area that had a rule that once a pool broke $100 you were only eligible to win 50% of it if it was your first time ever being at the league. Personally i think that is a fair way to do it.

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We have an ace pot that runs like this and it will often reach over $1000. As the pot builds so does attendance. The league is played on two easy courses with lots of ace-able holes, so folks come out of the woodworks hoping to cash in. You can call that ace scavenging I suppose, but it's still exciting and fun trying to hit the ace and large crowds make for exciting league weeks. I'm a big fan of this kind of pot.
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Seems like a nightmare (for my non organized brain) to keep track of who paid when.
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Our club does percentage based payouts. If you've paid 7/7 weeks the pot has been active you get 100%, etc. We also allow members to back pay for any missed weeks, non-members don't get that option.
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I just started running a league and was presented with all of these issues. I explain the way we do the ace pot like this:

- $1 is what buys you the right to whatever is in the pot should you get an ace over the next 18 holes regardless of how much you have or have not contributed previously.

- $50 is the limit to the payout regardless of what is actually in the pot. This reduces the likelyhood of a pro swooping in from out of town and snipering our pot. Not sure if I like this or not. High ace pools do seem to attract crowds so it's a take the good with the bad I guess...

I can see the progressive pot idea working though. I had an ace pool run similar to the above and half way through the season the guy running it was like, "Well I've contributed $10 so I don't feel that I should have to pay any more blah blah blah...." As I've tried to explain to him, that $1 only gets you 18 holes. If you've spent $10 then that means you've had 10x the opportunities to get an ace....Interesting thread.
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