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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
Interesting. My gyro experience is much more limited, but I've found the MVP/Axiom discs that I own multiples of to be remarkably consistent. 6 Envies all pretty much the same out of the box. 5 Waves, with the plasmas flying the same as each other and the non-plasmas all flying just a touch more stable than the plasmas. Those are really the only core gyro molds I bag, but at least when it comes to Waves and Envies the consistency is incredible.
I'm kind of with you... I find them really consistent even mold to mold and can usually pick which mold to try blind.. And have reasonable success especially with some DGCR help.. I know I won't usually like anything heavier than 170 but I'm often surprised when the heavier versions are straighter than the light ones. I almost always mail order..

As far as disc to disc ie Envys they are super consistent again but there are the usual caveats on PLH, Dome and shoulder... I have several proton Envys all very similar, 3 electrons fairly similar and 2 plasmas mildly different.. As the stability is decreased the little differences are more noticeable. I still think it's better than most manufacturers but you never know how the Gyro will kick in. I'm messing with 165 plasmas for the straightest flight for me at 220'.. There is a definite sweet spot for flight, flat top/ low shoulder plasma is ideal.
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I first started throwing MVP due to consistency in the molds, and consistency in feel, since each class shares the same core. I feel like consistency has gone down as they've gotten bigger though. My first 3 Craves, Envies, Proxies, Aliases, all flew the same as the other of the same mold, regardless of weight. I've bought 2 new Craves since that had higher and lower PLH. One of my Craves flies almost identical to my Inspire.

It's understandable that QC will dip some as a company grows, but it's also disappointing that I can't just order a disc online and know exactly how it will fly anymore. I don't have any local shops that carry MVP either, so I can't look for the right PLH. My best bet is to message online stores and ask specifics.

I will say, this is mostly just with drivers. All my Envies and Proxies are still very consistent.

And, don't get me wrong, I love MVP, and my reasons to support them have gone past my initial choices. I love how they engage with their core followers and take feedback (regardless of what Elm says).
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My watermelon fr crave was like that. I don't regret selling it used for more than I paid for it though

I'm a big fan of mvp but they are no more or less consistent than any other disc manufacturer. I have come to learn that after trying many brands over the years... And many dollars :/

I just want to see Dave Feldberg crush mayhem's this year, he's always been one of my favorite pros to watch. Played a practice round with him a few years back before a tournament, great guy, I have a lot of respect for him

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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
they havent listened to us yet about a zone clone stop wasting your finger strength they are deaf to the word of the people
Plasma axis. Dafuq? New releases have been meh.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Plasma axis. Dafuq? New releases have been meh.
I might actually be adding the plaz axis to my bag. It's up against a proton alias. Deciding if I will bag one or the other or both.

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Originally Posted by brutalbrutus View Post
Axiom Discs: Pyro (2-13-2019)

1.6 height
1.3 rim depth
18.4 inside rim dia
1.6 rim thickness
6.0 rim/dia ratio
42.25 rim config

Axiom disc in the Deflector class?...
Light a fire in your midrange game this season with the Axiom Prism Pyro. The Prism Pyro debuts the new 14.5MM class of Axiom midrange drivers in stunning Prism Plastic. This midrange is an Axiom variation of the overstable MVP Deflector with a straighter flight profile while maintaining the pronounced finishing fade. The experimental Prism Plastic gives the Axiom Pyro maximum durability and a beautiful array of multicolor translucent core and rim combinations. Feel the heat of the Axiom Prism Pyro as this new mid burns down fairways this season!

Coming Summer 2019.

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The fact that this AXIOM disc is in prism plastic for it's debut, to me, confirms that the brothers found clear weighting agents and that gyro lives on in the prism plastic. Very exciting.

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Originally Posted by jakebake91 View Post
I might actually be adding the plaz axis to my bag. It's up against a proton alias. Deciding if I will bag one or the other or both.
I'm also auditioning a plasma Axis when it shows up, I'm actually pretty excited about that.. The rest were meh..

With the prism plastic I wonder how it will tune existing molds.. With all these plastic types and possibilities of combinations there could be some serious variations for existing molds coming.
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Originally Posted by PMantle View Post
Please for all that's holy, unlike the useless-to-me Deflector, make the Pyro in weights under 170. Amen.

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Wonder what a Prism Motion would be like...

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