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Default Something seems a bit off.

Years playing/experience: 3 Years
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: RHBH, some RHFH
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Pure ~240', Truth ~280'?, Tern 350' / 380'

* Max distance is the greatest distance you can throw your top 2-3 drivers with any regularity

Age: 30
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: Some ankle issues
Other sport proficiencies?:
Additional Information: Haven't really measured how far mids go.
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: I feel that I have a pretty good set up to tackle a good variety of courses but that I may have some overlap and hole or two that could get straightened out.
Immediate and long-term goals:


Drivers (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use):
172g Opto Scythe 7/10 - big headwind open field distance
158g Fission Photon 8/10 - open field stable / OS distance, distance FH shots.
168g Fuzion Trespass 6/10 - open field straight distance. Has lost a lot of its fade.
160g Champion Tern 7/10 - All out max distance, long right turning shots.

169g Plasma Volt 7/10 - doesn't get used much between the Photon and Crave. Handles wind better though.
157g Proton Insanity 8/10 - S curves, turn overs, uphill distance.

167g Neutron Resistor 6/10 - OS Utility.
162g Proton Crave 7/10 - workhorse stable Fairway. BH & FH.
172g Neutron Relay 9/10 - Hyzerflip to straight fairway shots. New disc but seems to be filling the role well.
163g Goldline River 6/10 - used to be my flip to dead straight / can do anything disc but has been turning over lately.

178g Classic Truth 7/10 - has some turn but still has a solid fade back.
176g Moonshine Truth 8/10 - very straight with little fade. Great for sweeping hyzers & anhyzers
173g Plasma Tangent 8/10 - flip to straight or throw flat and track right.

175g Electron Atom 8/10 - In the circle putts
171g Electron Atom 8/10 - outside the circle putts

175g Z Zone 7/10 - OS short range disc
175g Neutron Envy - Stable driving putter. Most upshots
173g Zero Hard Pure 6/10 - US driving Putter. Used on most holes under 250'

I feel the Volt and Scythe might not need to be there since I rarely use them. I'm wondering if I should take out those two discs and get something moderately OS in the 9-10 speed range. I also feel like I am missing a straight 9-10 speed disc for semi-tight longer fairways where I don't want to really have to crush a trespass but still need some good distance.

Thanks for all the help!
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Doesn't your plasma volt give you a straight flight for longer fairway shots? A fission most certainly would in the 150's. I find volts to be nearly as long as any faster drivers out there with a good throw (and straightest as they season just get better) Also a max weight insanity will be straighter flying or inertia too for that matter.

If I didn't have a good mix of volts around I would probably bag a new plasma Amp. Really though, just beat up that volt a little sometimes I wonder why I even carry other molds. You own it already so that's an easy place to start.
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Throwing Style: RHBH
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I do have a 155g Fission Volt and a 170g Plasma Amp. The Volts are fun but they have a lot of lateral movement in fade and the Amp just felt short and glideless for my arm. I do like the volts a lot it's just I'm not sure about its spot between the crave and the photon. I used to use the river for the long straight shot because I could really get it out there with some hyzer but I've been working on my nose angle and snap and now it turns quite a bit.
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