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Meyer broadway north hole 3. The view of that tee shot is awesome and makes me happy every time i see it.
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Diaomnd X, Hole Red 6, 399' 29' downhill, hyzerflip to turn with a late fade around the trees at about 385' with a bliz destro, crashed chains and stuck. I was guiding for another forum member so that was a bonus.
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I know.. another ace throw, but really. One of my most memorable throws was when I was playing while recovering from my broken foot, it was winter, a random doubles round, and I was on my iwalk (think peg leg of a pirate with my foot behind me), hole 5 short at CP Adams. A beat dx teebird on a steep hyzer flipped up to flat, through the tight gap, hit the ground, skipped up and straight, just tickled the chains and sat down in the basket for my biggest payday (at that time) of $100.
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In my first year of playing, I threw it in from about 70-80 feet. It might have been longer, and that's still my longest throw to go into the basket. There was a little crowd of about 10-15 people on another hole, and they all saw it and cheered. For a moment, I felt like I was the best player on Earth.

(That's what sucks about disc golf, is that many times, our sweetest shots are seen only by our lonely eyes)
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Last year we had a SOUL-stice tournament at Diamond X. I was on the top card for the 2nd round and I aced hole 11 Black. Not my longest ace, but it was mega-sweet for a number of reasons:

+ With a CE Firebird that I had just gotten as a wedding gift the previous month (now a classy wall hanger)
+ Was my first (and still only) tournament ace
+ Was a re-ace of a hole I had gotten the previous year
+ Was the 2nd ace of that flight/round (had just seen the leader ace hole 5 green)
+ There was also a "longest putt" award on that hole. Technically my tee shot counted as the longest "putt" that went in, so I got a bonus prize.
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Originally Posted by LakeBodom397 View Post
My most recent Ace - Hole 9 at Parma. 242' downhill, over an OB creek. Flat putter shot with a Plasma Ion.

I've had a terrible streak of drilling the wall and going on recently.
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I hit a 240 foot Ace with a Pro Katana in a 30 mph wind. It air bounced 20 feet up then down to go in the basket, which was behind some tress. Just the most wicked angle I have ever seen.
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I actually have two, neither are aces, but both are memorable (and similar)

Can't remember the hole at Blue Angel Park - Palmetto, but it was a short one. Guy in the group that let me play along with them hit his first ace ever on the hole. I teed off right behind him - smacked a tree about 50 feet away. (that's NOT the shot.) Next throw, 150+ foot birdie with (of all things) an ESP Ace Race Zeppelin.

Other one is similar, but this one had no witnesses. I THINK it was hole 12 at Armco Park Blue. Decent tee shot, second shot smacked the closest tree to me (MAYBE 20 feet away). Notice a common theme here? ANYway, pulled out my Z Buzzz and threw a frozen rope right at the basket, but it was going to land just short. I yelled "SKIP IN" --- and it did. 200+ foot par save.
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I've got two that are tied.

A park job with my first DX roc back in 2006. It was a 350 foot turnover park job to save par on a 550' hole. I had never thrown a disc that far ever, it didn't even seem possible. It was several years before I could throw anything that well, let alone a mid. I fell in love with the roc that day and we've been together ever since.

Second was more recently. I got a eagle 3 on Steady Ed Headrick Memorial number 9 (long pin). I think that's the hardest hole on the course. My drive was absurd. I throw a blind anhyzer to the tighter right side tunnel that I loose almost immediately but leaks out eventually. I landed around the corner past the short pin, which measures 457'. So I threw about 475'. Longest throw of my life hands down, with a low ceiling and going thru jail to boot. Easy to clean up the eagle from there. Funny thing is I have no idea exactly what the flight looked like, it just shot out of the end of the tunnel what felt like FORVER after I let it go.
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Last April I canned a long second shot on the 430' hole 2 white-white at Borderland State Park. It was probably between 150-180' out. Only time I've ever birdied that hole. Used a 168 Champ Monster that is beat to death.
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