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Originally Posted by JeCroisQue View Post
My bag came in today. Very impressed with the overall fit and build quality. Kind of reminds me of the quality that was in the Golf Mahal I had. Thick nice straps and it rides lighter than I had imagined. I'll have to do some more testing before doing a review.
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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post

Not OP, but I've had my Ridge/Roller combo for awhile now . I love it. Strictly speaking about the bag though, I do have a few complaints, but you can't please everyone and it's a fantastic bag that you can tell immediately it's quality material and manufacture. I can't stress how awesome the bag is except for my personal issues.

I've found that as a bag on a cart, that I can sit on, and also attach things to the cart like a cooler and putter pouch and more storage options, it's fantastic. Traded in my original ZUCA cart I got from Joe directly right before he handed the reigns over to them on that, and I loved my ZUCA, and love this as a cart.

But as a bag alone, the selling point of the built in seat looses what I thought was major appeal for me. The seat was a huge selling point, same when I got a Gorilla Boy Simian before this. But turns out when I'm not using the bag on the cart, I'm not really noticing that I'm sitting down on it as much or at all, as opposed to the cart. And I lose what to me is very valuable storage space with the Ridge. Most are fine with that, and it's not a 'small' bag or lacking in storage, just not what I would prefer .

Other than my nitpicking about that, which was kinda my same gripe with the Simian, it's a great bag.
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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post

It is a high-quality well-built bag. It has held up well. If you require a seat on the bag, this is the best one on the market IMO and I have tried them all. It is heavy but not heavier than a bag of its capacity plus a stool. Similar to my pound bag it is complete overkill for anything other than a tournament or competitive round. That is not a knock, just something to consider. If you pair this with a shift or something similar you will have everything covered.

It holds a metric f***ton of discs. Like, I can put around 35 in there if needed with room for a drink towel, phone wallet etc. The main pockets are all well thought out too. They are good sizes and can hold everything I need. I think the side pockets could be the tiniest bit larger to make getting discs in and out easier, but I don't think that is a complaint as I don't need to shove discs in there. I would say the cupholders are sufficient, but I would like a bit more heft to them.

The frame is sturdy and I have taken it out and weighted it. It is lighter than a standard 3 leg stool. I will say that I don't use it much because I am a bag-aholic and I have too many to choose from. But I do like it if I know I'll be taking a lot of discs and need a place to sit. Like the other guy said, If you pair it with the cart I can imagine it being very nice, but I am not a cart guy.

If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them. Hopefully sooner than the two weeks, it took me to answer this one lol.

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