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I actually just had one and what I had to do was get to an open course and get my timing back down. The disc would release early would release late. Went an open course got it back after 10 holes. Slump over.

For putting I just practice putting until I get my release right again. Before rounds or when I got my basket near me.
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fundamentals and stop trying to force shots / use finesse.
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I'm slowly getting out of mine. It's just a matter of going to the field several times a week and throwing. Once you get that good throw, try to repeat exactly what you did and how it feels. I've been doing this the last several weeks and have noticed a great difference. Now, it's not to where it was yet, but i'm crawling out of the slump!
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I find that when I am having trouble with a particular aspect of my game, that slowing down helps. For instance; if my drives are off, I will stop trying to throw power bombs, and slow everything down. I slow down the run-up, the reach back, the pull, and the follow through.....everything. I do this to regain my rythm, and it is easier to make adjustments at slower speeds. When I start getting comfortable again, I will gradually start picking up the pace. The same thing works for putting too. Breathe deep, slow down the pre-putt routine, the line up, and the arm swing.
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threw very well today! i was having trouble with inconsistency with my dive release angle. i focused on getting a good reach back and it seemed to fall into place. i have always had a problem with consistent lines though.
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going from finishing under par 80% of the time to not doing that 13 out of 15 times please help
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I like to take a week off from the course. I'll still do my weekly field work but that's about it.
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Two things that have helped me is;

I leave the bag in the car and carry 3 discs in hand
I play with a small 150 class bag.

My expectations go down and I have to focus more on each shot. I don't think about all the shots I should make with my regular bag, the choices are limited and it allows me to get creative.

I play these rounds often actually, it brings back the fun factor.
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I've tried it all. After 9 years, I've come to realize it's not a slump---it's a decline.

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I find that necro-bumping a seven year old thread helps.

Or you can take some time off and enjoy another hobby for a bit.

You'll come back with a fresh perspective.

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