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Default What are some good Roller discs?

What are discs that work well as rollers for you?

Do you make roller throws forehand or backhand?
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Personally I like to roll with a beat Z AvengerSS but I have also heard discs with big rims will plow through the grass and bumps in the ground a little bit easier.
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I roll primarily backhand. I use pretty much all my discs for rollers, depending on the line I want to shape.

The two rollers I use most often are for distance lines with low ceiling or for a shot that tails off right at the end where I don't have room to throw an anhyzer or turnover comfortably. For these two lines I usually use an understable disc like a Comet, Valkyrie, or my beat in Destroyer. All depends on the distance I want to cover.
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I used Pro Wraiths for a while, but have now been using my new Amps.
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The king of rollers: 200 gram DX Condor.
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I have two discs that are my favorite rollers, but I can get the job done with pretty much any disc. Also, it depends on how far I need the disc to travel / how much vertical space is available but I throw two different styles.

For shorter distance / tighter shots with low ceilings, or if I really need it to finish left, I prefer to turnover a 145g d Avenger SS.

For longer shots I like to use a 173g Z Surge and I throw this shot forehand on a pretty extreme hyzer (outer wing at 1-2 o'clock) that basically results in throwing overhand. The disc flies straight ~150-200' about 10-12' high. Maybe I got lucky learning this shot (if its really unorthodox lol), but I can always turn it over just enough that it sticks the landing right in time to roll straight for good extra distance (barring some tree, branch, stump, mole hill / other debris). I usually go with this method because I'm super consistent with that throw.
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Generally speaking:

BH - Roadrunner
FH - Predator
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Originally Posted by lowracks View Post
Generally speaking:

BH - Roadrunner
FH - Predator
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180g DX Stingray. Hands down. I can roll it backhand and forehand. Most people use an overstable disc for forehand rollers, but I just bring the edge of the disc down to where it's like I'm throwing a regular forehand air shot, then it flips over into a straightline roller.
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