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Default Rhytm Reps [YT Channel]

I'm curious what people here think of this channel?

Definitely one of the more unique ones out there. Every video is a loop of a pro throwing with an instrumental track playing in the background. It says "looped visualization" can help internalize body movement and form.

I can't find any articles, studies, or literally anything online about "looped visualization" as a practice/training technique. Also, the music doesn't loop to match the throws exactly the same each time (maybe the BPM does and that's all that matters?).

Despite that, I kind of dig some of them.


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Agreed about the music. Would be much better if a snare hit was timed to the release. Wouldn't have been too hard to accomplish.

I'm guessing the looped visualization is a load of bs, but who knows.
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I appreciate his work. Over and over like a gif, I can study different aspects of the throw without restarting and watching another ad.

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Love it. I have no idea about whether it is any good for my form or not, but I have been known to zone out on some gifs of disc golf throws. The music is a cherry on top.
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I found it to be interesting enough. Thanks for sharing. The clips that the person chose for GG & PP are filmed from a nice, relatively-behind angle. You can really see how spaced out the feet are as they move down the tee pad vs. an amateur who's much more likely to get their feet too close/ in the way of each other and also move too much left to right down the pad.

Yeah this claim is suspect: "Looped visualization can help you internalize body movement and form."

But, of course, there's a long history on the importance of repetition in learning for both auditory auditory and visual stimuli. There's quite a few studies that consider visual statistical learning (VSL) and also make use of rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) like for example in some subliminal imaging studies.

With the form repetitions, it's nice to be able to selectively focus on different parts of the swing during different viewings. So the "looped visualization" has helped me gather a fuller mental picture/ image of one particular swing from GG, but I do not think I have internalized any sort of body movement, whatever that means.
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I like it, but not sure about some of the music that goes to it, although the Will Schusterick one seems to sync up for me. I used to create similar form vids with real time and slow motion with my favorite music and watch them over and over. The song in my head from the video seems to recreate the visual in my mind. When I swam in college I used to do visualization practice going to sleep with music and I think it helped a lot.

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I wonder if it would be helpful to do something similar at downtempo with fully motion-synchronized music to help calibrate lag/smooth acceleration up the chain through the throw. Aiming to develop "patience during the swing" is one thing, learning & applying it is another.
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