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I don't know why your vids freeze after 20 sec while the audio continues.

You are way to floppy and aimless or hitless.

Need to actually grip the disc or hammer or whatever tool you are tasked to use, preferable fan grip for drills, and have a specific hit point, that you want to pound the disc thru with the shoulders still closed to target.

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I think the video issues are when I use this Coach's Eye app on my phone to trim videos down. It trims the video but not the audio evidently! Good to know that

Totally agree on the floppy noodle arm. I wasn't really trying to throw, was really just trying to change how my shoulder was jacking up.

Next time I'll be trying to keep dinglin' AND have a defined hit point
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You're a little sawed off/jerky in the shoulder motion, been there.

When you watch SW22 in his vid starting ~here, watch how smoothly and rhythmically his shoulder is moving.

The weight of the hand/arm/disc is pulling the shoulder into the backswing, and the shoulder is leading the hand/arm/disc into the swing.

He's allowing his leading/throwing shoulder to tilt more toward the ground so that the throwing arm can lead the shoulder toward and behind the rear hip in the backswing, and then swing naturally forward from there with the swing. You're not quite letting your shoulder swing freely back and forth. The weighted object should help - try to remove all extraneous motion other than swinging the weight nice and easy w/ a focus on the shoulder.

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Door Frame. Armpit. High Five.

Door Frame. Armpit. High Five.

I went back to basics after reading through HUBs Beto Drill threads (https://www.dgcoursereview.com/forum...d.php?t=108094) and watching all the Beto drill videos again and have been very happy with the effect.

Getting the disc to that right pec (in my case left) makes such a big difference. It really feels like the basic building block of a good throw. So my mantra is now:

door frame - getting in an athletic position with my body and arm braced against the imaginary door frame

armpit - get the disc into my armpit (doesn't actually get there, but this cue helps me get it close to the throwing pec consistently)

high five - finish with the hand high. This one is the hardest to consistently make happen without borking the throw still.

Focusing on slowing down and staying smooth is sooo important. Exactly as Brychanus mentioned about being smooth rather than jerky. I was focusing so much on generating a big weight shift and throwing my body around I was missing out on all the easy leverage from proper upper body timing.

My distance hasn't increased but I'm hitting my lines with so much less effort and I can really feel the disc accelerating and zipping out. Going to be focusing on increasing consistency and slowly work more of a weight shift back in.

Door Frame.
High Five.

No video to post but wanted to drop this here for myself and to show all the great advice I've gotten has been going to good use still!

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I regressed then progressed. I think with a huge revelation on 'snap' and leveraging the disc.

Tried to get back the good feeling and throws from my right-pec session and couldn't do so. However I had been revisiting the 'closed shoulder snap drill' and More Snap video plus the old hammer drills thread so I decided to give that a try.

I finally "got" the closed shoulder snap drill and the idea of throwing around the nose of the disc (I think). I was throwing into a fence 20 feet away and really zinging them but more importantly I had a new feeling in my forearm/wrist. I could feel the weight and resistance of the disc as I tried to sling the back end around.

A couple putter throws into the field had me getting to 150-175 line drives 5 feet of the ground with almost zero body use. So then I tried to add more of the full throw in and I could start to feel what made the nebulous "feeling" stronger and what made it weaker. It actually was pretty difficult to incorporate much reachback without making the feeling weaker so I went really slow. LostDoughnut's video of the '2 speeds' came to mind so I came rreeaaal slow into my chest and then accelerated outwards. Worked well!

A few questions on this: when I was getting 'snap' and feeling the weight of the disc I felt the muscles on the topside of my forearm being used, is that expected and a sign I'm doing something right (or at least not wrong!). I normally don't feel that.

Is it REALLY easy to lose the grip of the disc when incorporating more of the full throw? I found that when I used more reachback and the feeling got weaker it felt like the disc was slipping out early and I wasn't getting to the 'heavy disc' point. The 2 speed approach helped but it was tough!

*edit*: I was using power grip, next time I'll try different grips to see if it changes things

As a bonus the More Snap concepts of throwing around the nose unlocked my forehand! I always had a 50% chance of the disc just slipping out and flopping off to the side but this concept really seems to solve that for me.

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