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Originally Posted by BillFleming View Post
I've been playing for about 18 months....and I'm still trying to figure out putting within circle 1 (forget outside there-one thing at a time).

I realized I had/have two issues putting. Focus and consistency.

Focus: I would look at my spot, but in the act of throwing, I would look away from my spot and the disc would miss. Hard to fix that - it just takes constant work on focusing on one spot.

Consistency: My putts would be all over the place - high, low, right, left - that was mainly due to my issues with focusing on my target, but my putting style had a lot to do with it also.

Solution (for the most part...still have to work on maintaining focus). I watched tournament rounds and saw how the successful putters putted. I made note of the different styles and what was similar. Then I went out to my basket and putted 10 times from 10 foot with one style...then from 20 and 30 foot. I made note of how each putt went and how it felt. Then I started over with another style, repeat until done. Things I changed and tested: Grip, stance, style (push/spin putt). It took a while to try all combinations, but I finally found one that works pretty well for me.

I ended up with a fan grip, my pointer finger slightly under the rim, thumb and middle two fingers applying the pressure, slightly between a saddle stance and stagger stance, elbow locked straight, wrist slightly bent (to give a slight spin on release), slightly bent knees, make the putt and lift the back foot (for me being right handed, my left foot comes off the ground - see Paul McBeth's putting). I don't know why the back foot coming off the ground makes a difference, but it does. If I keep both feet on the ground, my putt doesn't have enough 'oomph' behind it and it also loses accuracy.

Anyways...try different things to see what works...it could even be your putter. I've tried 3 different putters before I found one I'm confident with.

That is my putt except with the thumb and single middle finger slightly behind the thumb and index finger on the wing either with a big bead/Concave Magnet like rim in front of the bead or with flat no/small bead wing index finger in a curved position. I do push off but the stance for me is a standard stagger stance where I try to line on front foot then have back foot further out but parallel to the front foot. with the throwing potion I start from just below waist due to this being a Spinning push putt so I do not need to be as low as a push putter. Then I do with the non throwing hand being an open track guide on the disc to get the disc to fly to the basket straight and not end up on ~35% to 45% line from straight. I used to set up feet in a line but then balance when I started adding the back leg push off that gets more and more till about the point I am at ~ 37-40 feet where I am then using my approach disc, a Shark with same putt starting over on leg kick as speed is faster to ~55 to 60 feet where I am then going to a sideways driving putt/approach stance with feet togther, maybe shoulder width apart.

My brother only uses the driving putt stance, with his feet shoulder width apart, this why he had used until He found the DX Stud in 2017, a specific Gator in DX beat to fly straight. He wants to power smash so hard into the basket no matter the brand the basket at the pole is wobbling, only gets this about 70% of the time that hard. But then he is so natural to never practice accuracy and within say 30 feet that he can do this to make disc in 90% of the time so as to not go 20-30 feet past basket with his putters. This for me will not work, though he does think everyone should putt this way.
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I have posted some pics of my modified bonapane grip I use for putting.
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Originally Posted by JMONEY View Post
I have posted some pics of my modified bonapane grip I use for putting.
I made an album of the different grips I tried recently.

Last 2 pictures are some kind of Bonapane fan grip like yours but with the little finger tip on the rim. I created a form thread for more details.
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