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I have to agree Sexton is 'exciting' mostly because he plays the same courses differently and still excels, and I love seeing lefties try to attack most courses.
Boring is really about the course, not so much the players. Eagle, Drew and Simon are exciting - given the opportunity to BE exciting. If the best play is hyzer after hyzer, that's not their fault.
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Geoff Bennett is someone who I love to watch drive, but I can't stand to watch putt. His pre-putt routine is ridiculous and must take more than 30 sec. It's worth it though to watch him throw a forehand roller line that no one else would be able to see or execute.
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James Conrad. Only throws backhand. I think that's boring
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Originally Posted by travisov View Post
James Conrad. Only throws backhand. I think that's boring
I'm assuming you're being facetious, since James does have a forehand. He just rarely uses it, like JohnE or MJ.
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Add Philo to the list of strict BH throwers. I think I saw him throw FH off the tee once in maybe 5 of his filmed rounds that I've watched. Still like to watch him play because he's so buttery smooth. But there's no mystery to the shot selection.

I agree that players who [almost] always throw BH are a little more boring, at least for me they are. Not as relatable to my game. Fairway dictates a L-to-R flight? You know it's a BH anny or turnover.

On the other end of the spectrum: Sexton, Big Jerm, Barbsy, heck Eagle has really stepped up his FH game this year. A lot more interesting [for me] to watch when the players have a bigger bag of tricks.

BUT, I'd still rather see a mix of players. Different people attacking the same hole in different ways is entertaining. (Great example of this is ODRB's mom.) This principle kind of informs my taste in course design as well. I like multiple options/fairways off the tee, rather than just one prescribed line that you have to hit. Awesome card would be:

Philo - Strict BH with lots of touchy finesse.
Sexton - Mix of BH/FH, often safe and conservative play.
Barsby - Even more FH in the mix, sometimes bigger risk taker.
Simon - Big bomber distance and lines you never would have thought possible.

(Speaking of Philo and Barsby, did anyone else watch the Sula Rd 1 coverage where they did commentary together? I thought they did a very good job. Definitely a different style than lots of commentary teams. Super laid back, but also lots of good insight.)

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Rick can get a bit boring, but it's not because he's not one of the best players the sport has ever seen, it's just his attitude. Other players are more engaging and show emotion more. Rick is just really focused, which can be boring. Just my 2
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Originally Posted by ODRB View Post
Nate and Philo are two of my favorites to watch. Nate plays smart, and there is so much to learn from that. He disects courses, identifies risk vs. reward, takes his pars, and knows which holesa re worth attacking. Way more interesting and useful than watching big arms throw 500' hyzers over everything. And Philo plays a great control game, with so few molds. Watching him think through and shape shots with Rocs is amazing. Again, a lot to learn from watching him play. That holds my attention. Give me Doss, Philo, Nate and MJ every time. Smarts, control, shot selection and shaping, clean hyzerflips; stuff I can actually apply to my game.

To me, the big hyzer game is boring. It isn't so much particular players, it's particular courses that have no appeal for me. The Meh-morial for example could not be more boring, no matter who is throwing the hyzer over and over. Same with most every hole on ball-golf courses.
This...if it's tourney footage and one of those players aren't on it...chances are I'm skipping it. I'd add BWilliams and Cale to your list as well. Great technicians.
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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
All of them.

Stating that any particular player is boring implies that someone else is relatively exciting to watch. Folks, we're talking about grown men throwing orbs of plastic at metal chain-weilding contraptions. That can only be exciting to watch if there's compelling drama involved. (Well either that, or fireworks and alligators).
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My dream card would be Sexton, Philo, JC Kester and Barsby. Crazy OH shots, with calculated course management, and just purely beautiful throws. Also, I can watch anything with Big Sexy commentary.

I am ashamed to say that I find the FPO cards boring most of the time. If Jessica Weese or Sarah Hokum are playing I can watch, but everyone else is trying to throw the same shot (not uncommon in the MPO field either). Also, these tournaments usually do not have a separate tee for the ladies so you have about 3 golfers that can hit the distances that make birdies easier (both Allens and Pierce). It does seem like the FPO field is starting to fill out a little more though.

on the MPO side I find the usual suspects (Ricky, Paul, Simon) to be boring only because I know they are almost always all going to take the same approach and they are almost always going to be on the lead card. I would usually put Eagle in this mix as well, but I have enjoyed watching him since he started to play more like Sexton and cleaned up his putting.
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I don't necessarily find watching anyone exactly "exciting" when it comes to disc golf, but I do enjoy watching guys like Wysocki and McBeth make those long putts from more than 60 feet out, and knowing that anything close to 100 feet with a decent line to the basket and these 2 guys are going to try to run it. To me they are the 2 best putters in the game on a consistent basis. What I do find very boring are guys who take forever to get their putts ready to go (only to miss them. Reminds me of guys who used to be in my bowling league who would take forever to get set to throw the ball only to make a horrid shot.) and watching Sexton ALWAYS have to twirl that disc in his hands before he gets ready to putt. I find watching the women throw to be fun rather than exciting. While the top gals are better than me on about any given day the others will often make shots like I do out on the course. And just watching that crazy run-up by Azie Rogers is worth the half hour to watch a front or back 9 she is playing in

p.s. When it comes to the men I must admit to also liking watching Lizotte play. He will try those weird lines (with varying degrees of success) and he seems the most even going of the guys on the tours. He can laugh off a bad, if not VERY bad, shot he occasionally gets off and not get all bent out of shape over it. Though a serious player, he seems, most of the time, to get the most enjoyment out of playing. I never like watching hotheads like Locastro play though.
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