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Default podskiii ITB

This is more or less a thread to keep track of my bag, and also get suggestions. My goal is to carry fewer discs that are able to shape all the shots I would need at most courses. I have a lot of different discs that actually shape the same shots. I hope this should keep me more consistent overall, a lot of the discs i carry feel the same except they fly a little bit different because of wear and tear.

This is my setup:

Discmania P-line P2 175g - Straight
Discmania P-line P2 175g - Straight

I really like these putters, but I feel the grip is getting bad when it is wet or cold outside. I will buy myself D-line P2 175g on black friday. At the moment I'm using DX Aviar on wet days and I like the P2 a lot more. Hopefully buying D-line will fix this grip issue in the winter.

Throwing putter:
Westside Harp BT Medium 173g - Straight to slightly overstable
Innova XT Noa 169g - Straight to maybe a tad understable.

I really like the Harp in this plastic, I also have one in VIP. I don't really like approaching with this plastic and it is more of a midrange disc for me, I favor softer plastic. Given VIP harp is more of a midrange for me, I currently don't need it because I have Roc's to fill this spot. Anyways I use my Harp BT medium for approaches in the 60-150 ft range. I will also upgrade myself with another Harp on black Friday, I'm thinking about buying the Hard plastic and maybe the tournament plastic. I also put with the Harp in strong headwinds.

DX Roc 180g - Neutral to understable.
KC Roc 180g - Slightly overstable
KC Roc 180g - Overstable
Champion Roc3 180g - Overstable

Star Leopard 175g - Understable
Star Leopard 175g - Understable

I use these for anhyzer lines I don't reach with my forehand consistently (over 200feet). I also try to throw these on holes where the fairway is more shaped as a anhyzer instead of a big dogleg. This is absolutely my worst shot by far.

Champion Teebird 168g - Slightly OS (back up disc)
Champion Teebird 175g - Very similar, but a little bit more overstable (primary disc)
Gstar Teebird 175g - Straight with a gentle fade. My Newest addition, I love Gstar for sidearm.

Gstar Firebird 168g - Overstable, plays more like 2.5 in fade. I also love this for RHFH
Champion Firebird 175g - Very overstable

Star Valkyrie 169g - Neutral
Star Valkyrie 170g - Neutral

Star Wraith 167g - Straight (primary disc), but not very OS, but still way more stable compared to valkyrie. I think it really flies like their numbers.
Star 175g - Play more OS than my 167, I tend to use this one in headwind.

I have not really figured out my driver setup yet. I also have Star Orc 167g which is more OS than both of my Wraiths. I also have Star Orc 170g which plays more like my 167g Wraith. I planned using my Orc in the beginning until I became good enough to use my Wraith. I have only played since July, but my Wraiths goes further compared to my Orc.

What do you guys think about my overall set up?

My average distances:

I throw putters 230 ft, midranges 260 ft, fairways (firebird excluded) 289 feet and drivers 310 feet.

I appreciate suggestions.
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Hi everyone, Ive been struggling putting together my bag after I lost my Star Wraith 168g. This was pretty much my go-to driver when I needed a overstable finish. This disc was beautiful to watch, flew very straight, it turned and I could always trust it to come back. This was my farthest disc and it always felt like easy distance.

It was very hard to replace this disc, the other Wraiths I have are all different. I have one that Ive been struggling to beat in, it is actually soon ready, but the other Star Wraith I have is super beefy. I dont use overstable drivers much, I play mostly in the woods. Its def a struggle when I try to season drivers. I also bought a Pro Wraith (175g), which was somewhat similar to my Star Wraith (168g). I really like the Pro plastic, but it is not really durable so I prefer to just have them in Star Plastic and also keep it simple and consistent.

A little history about my experience with overstable distance drivers.

I bought 2 Star Orcs after a few months of playing, I didnt want to fall into the trap of buying discs I wasnt really qualified to throw. I figured Orcs was a good starting point for me. Even though I probably wasnt good enough to throw speed 10 discs, at least I could bring them out for fieldwork at times. They just hyzer out instantly and I dont get any distance with them. My Orcs reminds me a lot about Firebird, very similar flight pattern. I have a friend who has a Wraith, I liked it and from that point I bought one myself. I was lucky with my Wraith, and I quickly bought another two to have in spare. My other Wraiths were not like the first one! After I lost my Star Wraith (168g) I felt doomed. I had 2 other Wraith and none of them were similar to the one I lost. In the area I live there are not any real disc golf stores, I basically have to order online, but there is a small shop that have a few discs.

I managed to get my hands on a Star Destroyer (166g) which out of the box was fantastic. I hand picked it the store and it had a flat top and really gummy, it has some bubbles on the rim. My Star Destroyer (166g) is basically just a short term fix, what happens when I lose this disc? I will have the same struggle again, trying to replace this Destroyer. It seems like there is a lot of unstable runs out there. I started a thread on DGCR asking for help and I got a lot of suggestion.

I decided to order a bunch of drivers online. My plan was to buy a decent amount of distance drivers, find one that I really liked and order 5-6 drivers and hope to get from the same run. I bought Pro Destroyer, S line CD3, S line CD, Star Wraight, S-line DDx, Fuzion Trespass and a Champion Tern. I kinda liked all of them except the Champ Tern and the Star Wraight. The Wraight was okay, but Tern was really overstable. It was way more overstable than I expected. It was one disc that really caught my eye, Ddx. I loved it. I love the design, I love the flight. Now I will order a bunch of them and I hope to get from the same run.

In my last field practice I had these results:

Putters: 240 feet
Midrange: 280 feet
Fairway: 320 feet
Distance: 340-350 feet

This is with skip included. I actually had a few throws with my DDx that I measured to be around 370 feet.

However I like to keep my system simple, I play a lot and therefore I will try to season discs if I like them out of the box.. My current setup look like this:


D-line P2 (175g) Straight to overstable.

Throwing putters:

XT Nova (169g) Slightly understable (I use this when I jump put outside the circle)
BT Hard Harp (174g) Overstable

I had a really beat up Harp, it flew so straight with 0 fade but I lost it. It was my favorite disc, my plan is to replace my Nova with a my BT Hard Harp (174g) when it season a bit more, and just replace my overstable slot with a new Harp.


DX Roc (180g) Understable with 0 fade. If I really put a lot of power on it will turn over. With medium power it goes straight with absolutely 0 fade.

KC Roc (176g) - Straight with almost no fade. This have replaced my DX Roc on a lot of shots where I have to power up, but still want it to fly straight.

KC Roc (177g) Straight with a little bit more fade. I can use this for flex shots, but I dont really trust it for that. Probably my least used midrange. I guess this will eventually take the other KC Roc spot.

Champion Roc (180g) Overstable.


Star Leopard (165g) Understable, this is starting to beat in nicely. This will turn if I put enough power on it. Basically 0 fade. It always turns, but it doesnt really come back.

Star Leopard (175g) Understable, but it still has some fade. This is my backup until I lose my other Leopard. This will come back if it has the correct height.

Champion Teebird (168g) Straight, but slightly overstable. This is dead straight with a little bit of fade. This will eventually take my Leopard spot. Champion plastic can take a lot of beating. I really love this discs, might be my favorite disc atm.

Champion Teebird (175g) Overstable. This is my backup teebird, but it fades more in the end compared to my other teebird.

Champion Firebird (175g) Very overstable. I use this for flex shots when I throw forehand or tomahawk shots when I need to get out of trouble.

Distance Driver

Star Valkyrie (170g) Understable. This disc is def turning over when I put enough power on it, but I cant trust it to come back. I use this for anhyzer and straight shots where I have a lot of room to work with.

Star Valkyrie (170g) Stable. This is pretty new. At the moment this flies straight and it comes back in the end.

S-line DDX (170g) Slightly overstable. This is also new and I get high speed turn and flies really straight for me.

Pro Wraight (175g) A little bit more overstable, but actually very similar in flight as my DDx

Star Destroyer (166g) Overstable. This plays a little bit more overstable compared to my Ddx and Wraight, but I still get a decent amount of distance with it.

In the end I hope to have this setup:

D-line P2 (175g)

Throwing putter:
Westside Harp:

Champion Teebird
Champion Firebird Utility disc

Distance driver:
S-line DDX
Maybe a Star Destroyer for windy days, or when I get a bigger arm.

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That's a lot of words.
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Originally Posted by lines View Post
That's a lot of words.
Yeah, this thread is more or less a blog for myself. Just to keep track of my bag and my process.

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A little update, I don't have many new molds in my bag, but I've gotten better form and my disc flies a little bit different.

2x D-line P2 (175) - Straight with some stability in the end.
I change between P-line and D-line a lot. I really like the D-line the best when it is wet outside. I find I have bad grip in the winter with P-line, but I also feel the D-line is too grippy in nice weather. I change a lot, but overall I like the P-line the best.

Throwing putters:
XT Nova (167g) - Straight to understable.
This is starting to get beat in, it will turn right if I put enough power on it. I use this for more touchy upshots and I use it for jump puts lot. It usually stick when it hits the ground and I also feel it have more glide from distance compared to my P2. Nova plays like a [33-10] disc

2x Westside Harp - Overstable.

I use this for RHBH and RHFH approaches, I like the overstability and I can always trust it to come back. They both have around the same overstability, but I try to use one as my more “throw far” putter and one as more of approach disc. When I get one that is beat in, it will probably replace my Nova for straight shots. These plays like [4302].


KC Roc (177g) – Understable
My hyzer flip disc, it goes dead straight and turns right and never come back. Probably my favorite disc. It plays like a [55-10] disc imo.

KC Roc (180) – Overstable.
I cycle rocs and this will replace my understable Roc in the future. This is my hyzer Roc. if I throw this flat or a slight hyzer release it will go dead straight, but reliable fade in the end. It plays like a [4402] disc.

Champion Roc3 (180g) – Most overstable Roc
This is the most beefy Roc. I’ve had this for 6 months now. I use this a lot, but it never seem to beat it in which is fine. It plays like a [5403] disc.


Star Leopard (175g) - Understable
My hyzer flip disc, I throw this on a slight hyzer and it goes dead straight for a while and it dumps right. I also use this for anhyzers. This disc plays like a [65-30] disc.

Star Leopard (165g) – Understable.
My backup hyzer flip disc. This is actually older and used way more, but still more stable which is weird. I throw this on a hyzer, it goes straight and turn right and just a small fade in the end. It plays exactly like the number suggest.

Champion Teebird (168g) – Stable.
My most used fairway, it goes dead straight and basically has 0 fade. If I put enough juice on it, it will turn a little bit with a little fade in the end. This disc plays like a 7 5 -0.5 0.5 disc.

Gstar Teebird (175g) – Slightly overstable.
This disc has a lot of glide, goes really far. I’m not a huge fan of Gstar plastic in general, but I really like this disc. I would rate this disc as a 7601. This is my favorite RHFH fairway.

Star Teebird (175g) – Very overstable.
This disc is very OS compared to my other Teebird, this is new in my bag. I don’t use this much, but I can def throw this into a headwind.

Champion Firebird (175g) – Very Very overstable.
I’ve had this for quite a while. It is super beefy, I use this for hyzer, skip shots, flex forehand and forehand that I want to dump hard right.

Distance driver

Star Valkyrie (175g) – Understable.
This is my hyzer flip driver, I throw this on a hyzer and it goes really straight, turns right and never comes back. This is my most used distance driver, especially for the understable slot. It’s more or less a faster Leopard. I would give this disc these numbers → 10 5 -3 0. I can throw this 330 up to 380 on a hyzer flip.

Star Valkyrie (170g) – Understable.
This disc gives me a nice s curve. It’s a bit more stable than my other Valkyrie. I would rate this disc 9 5 -2 1

S-line DDX (170g) – Stable
Very easy to get high speed turn on this disc. This is probably my farthest flying disc and easy to hyzer flip. I can also use this for anhyzer and it basically never comes out of the anhyzer. It flies like a 12 6 -2 1 disc.

S-line DDX (170g) – Slightly OS.
Very easy to get distance with this as well. It pretty much flies like the number indicates, at least imo.

S-line DDX (170g) – Slightly OS.
More or less a backup disc, very similar to the other slightly OS disc.

Star Destroyer (166g) – OS

Actually easy to get distance with this disc, it flies more overstable compared to my DDX discs. I can throw this on anhyzer and get it to flex. I can throw it on a slight hyzer, get it to flip to flat, get high speed turn and reliable fade in end. My plan was that DDX should replace Destroyers. I however think it flies really true to it’s numbers.

Star Destroyer (175g) – OS
More or less my hyzer disc and my headwind driver. This is the most OS driver that I have. Some days I can get this disc up to speed. I can also use this disc for flex shots. I would say this disc flies like a 12 5 -0.5 3.5

I’m going to try and order some C-line DDX or luster DDX. I’ve heard these should be more OS compared to S-line and I hope these will replace my Destroyer.

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I've done a couple of changes to my bag and gotten more distance. Time to update my bag.

I can get my XT Nova out to 265/280, my Rocs out to 285/300, Teebird around 330 and my DDX 350/380.

Ive decided to quit putting with P line P2, they are just too slick when they get wet, and I just can't get a proper grip in the rain. However this grip issue made me putt with D line when it was pouring outside. I think this is a really bad combination. The combo of putting with D-line in ****ty weather and P-line in nice weather is just a bad combination. D-line gives too much grip in nice weather and it feels like I have glue on my hands. I decided to change putters to Retro Pure. These putters provides me with a good grip regardless of weather. I feel I should be able to make any putter work, but this gives me a fresh start at least.

My Bag consist of:

Pure (putter) Understable to stable.

XT Nova
Slightly understable when I rip it, I mostly use this in tailwind and days where wind is not a concern. I love this putter outside the circle.

Pure Very US
This is my turnover putter, I dont have to rip on it and it will always turn right. I can throw hyzer and will it will always flip and end up right.

BT Medium Harp - Stable to slightly OS
A somewhat beat in Harp, I can still rip this hard and it will not turn on me.

BT Medium Harp OS
Mainly a backup disc to the other one, this one has a little bit more stability.

Tournament Harp OS
My most OS Harp, I use this when I throw sidearm, I like harder plastic when I flick. This is usually my hyzer disc or headwind disc.

KC Roc Understable
A very straight disc, I can hyzer flip it and it will go super straight with no finish. If I rip on this it will turn right. This is my go to midrange atm, Im hoping it will become more flippy so I dont have to rip on it.

McPro Roc3 Stable
This is my backup for my KC Roc, very similar flight patterns. This is a tad more stable and If I rip on it will sometimes turn.

Champ Roc3 Slightly OS
This disc Ive had for a year, this used to be my OS midrange. Ive used this disc a lot and it took a lot of time to beat it in. Beating it in was not part of my plan as I dont really have a good replacement yet, I like my OS discs to be champion so I can trust the flight. Ive tried using KC Rocs for OS slots before and they suddenly just change stability.

This is a meathook, this probably wont stay in my bag for too long. I like having champion plastic for my OS slot. Im thinking of buying myself a metalflake Roc3 or get myself champion RocX3.

Star Leo US
I use this mostly for turnovers where I dont reach the hole with a forehand. I can throw this with 70% power on a hyzer and it will flip up to flat and turn right. I used to bag two of these but decided I only need one given I also throw forehand. Im very fan of the leopard given I can manipulate it will well and I dont need to bomb the disc to get my results.

Champion Teebird Slightly US.

My go to fairway. Its just so straight and no fade. If I rip this disc it will give me a little bit of turn, but I usually throw it with maximum 80% power. I love this disc in the wood. I usually release this disc on a slight hyzer and it will flip up to flat quickly and just hold that line.

Star Teebird Slightly OS

My backup fairway, it has a little bit more finish than the other one. This disc wont get me turn and it is also very straight. It has a little finish in the end.

Star Teebird OS

I feel I miss one slot in my bag, and that is a beefy teebird. This is more beefy than the others, but still not as beefy as I would like. Im also not a huge fan of champion plastic, but I might replace it with a champion or buy a KJ Nybo Teebird.
Nate Sexton USDGC Firebird OS
This disc is of course overstable, but still less compared to my other Firebirds that are replacements. My replacements are Ken Climo firebirds.

I can throw this 75-80% and it will always turn and never come back. I release this on a slight hyzer.

DDX Slightly US

This will always turn and sometimes it will flex back.

DDX Stable
This is a bit more stable, this always turn and provides me with a flex back

DDX Slightly OS
My more OS driver, I get a little bit less turn out of this disc compared to my other one, a bigger fade in the end.

Luster DDX OS
This is a meathook, I use this for forehand and flex shots. If I release it flat I will get a little bit of high speed turn.

I feel Im missing an understable disc for my midrange section, where I can throw around 70% and get high speed turn, I have tried a Mako, Stingray and Manta. Mako is straight with a little bit of finish, stingray is how I would expect my Mako to be, straight with very less finish and manta is somewhat similar to stingray. Im going to stop buying understable midranges and hope I get a Roc with those flight patterns soon. I would also like to have a more OS fairway.
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Its been a long time since Ive done a post regarding my bag.

I have gotten more distance and therefore Ive done a couple of changes to my bag. I really liked DDX in the past, but now they are understable. I have a decent amount of DDX as I bought a lot from the same run. This disc was perfect in the past, but now they are too understable. I started trying out Wraiths that I had in my office that was too OS in the past, now most of my Wraiths are perfect and they actually go further (30 feet) compared to DDX. I might try out thunderbird to be a link between Teebird and Destroyer, I'm not sure I have enough distance yet. I won't bother having Thunderbird in bag if it will go 10feet further than my Teebird.

Putters: 250 feet
Midrange: 280-320 feet.
Fairway: 320-360 feet.
Drivers: 380-430 feet.


Retro Line Pure:
One that is US, I use this when I jump putt between 50-100 feet.
One that is fairly new that I use inside the circle.

Throwing putters:

Gold Line Pure 175g - US
S-line P2 Stable.
Tournament Harp 175g OS
Tournament Harp 175g Very OS


McPro Roc3- Understable
KcPro Roc Slightly US
KcPro Roc - Stable
Champion Roc3 Slightly OS
KcPro Roc Very OS (I dont always have this in my bag, only on windy days)


Champion Teebird 168g - Understable
Star Teebird 175g - Stable
Champion Teebird 175g Slightly OS
Star TL3: OS, will probably switch this out with a new Teebird to keep my bag simple. I bought this one to replace my Champion Teebird that was straight as an arrow, but is now US.

Nate Sexton 2018 Firebird - OS
Nate Sexton USDG 2017 Firebird Very OS


Star Wraith 166g Very US
Star Avery Destroyer 171g Slightly US
Star Wraith 175g - Stable
Star Destroyer 175g Slightly OS
Star Destroyer 168g- OS
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Looks like your game and distance are progressing nicely. Congrats!
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I made a few changes to my bag because I powergrip everything. I really liked the P2 for driving, but it always felt uncomfortable when I was holding it with a powergrip. I drive a decent bit with putter, but still wasnt getting used to it. Could make an argue that I could make a grip change, however I dont see a reason for doing it when Im getting clean releases with a power grip and Paul Mcbeth who is my favorite player also powergrips everything

I switched out my P2 with Axiom Envy and I really love this change. The Envy feels really good in the hand and it never feels weird in the hand. It also flies somewhat similar to P2, I would give it a rating of 2/3/0/1.4

Another change I made to my bag is a Prodiscus Jokeri, I mostly bought this for fun and thought it also could replace my P2. However it did replace my Harp. I have never tried a disc with better plastic and this disc feels great in the hand for forehand and backhand shots. This disc has a little bit more glide and less fade compared to a harp and plays like a slightly beat in harp. Fantastic discs in my opinion.

Changes in my bag is marked with bold text, italic and underline.

Retro line Pure 175g A beat in that I used from around 45 feet.
2X Zero Pure Hard 175g Both are somewhat new and looks totally similar, I never know which Im putting with.

Throwing putters:
Gold line Pure 175g US (only use for short approaches and mostly hyzer flips)
Axiom Envy 175g Slightly OS (use for straight shots and hyzer flips for longer distances)
Prodiscus Jokeri 175g OS (use for straight shots where I want it to hyzer a bit, hyzers, anhyze flex from short distances and for forehand shots)

Kc Pro Roc 180g Very understable, only use this in tailwind or in places I dont have a forehand available. This is going out of my bag.

Kc Pro Roc 180g- Slightly understable,

Champion Roc3 180g A beat in disc that flies extremely straight, this is my most used midrange at the moment. If I throw it very hard it will give me a little bit of turn, but as long as I dont give it more than 80% power I can throw it on a slight hyzer and it will flip to flat and have a little finish in the end.

Champion Rocx3 I dont use this a lot, but I will use it when I need a bigger finish or if I have a headwind.

Champion Teebird 168g Understable
Star Teebird 175g Stable
KJ Nybo 2017 Teebird - OS

USDGC 2017 Firebird 175g OS
USDGC 2017 Firebird 175g Very OS

Star Destroyer 166g Very US (a disc I lost 2 months ago)
Star Wraith 175g US
Echostar Wraith 175g Stable
Star Destroyer 175g Stable (this is most likely going out of the bag and I will try to replace it with a disc that is more OS and have a good backup disc for later)
Star Destroyer 168g OS
Star Destroyer 175g Very OS, I think this is the most overstable disc that I have ever tried. It beats my Xcaliber out of the bag because it does the same thing.
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Changes to the bag:

Axiom Envy is out of the bag. I think this is a fantastic disc and I really like it, the issue I have with this disc is that it flies too far. Most of the time when I have a putter shot I grab a Jokeri and when I have a midrange shot I grab for a Roc. Given Envy almost flies as a mini Roc, I dont see too much merit in bagging it.

Retro Line Pure Beat in putter that I use from 45 feet and out.
2X Zero Pure Hard Looks identical, I dont really know the difference.

Throwing putters:
Retro Line Pure US
Basic Jokeri Little bit US
Premium Jokeri Little bit OS
Ultrium Jokeri OS

The Ultrium Jokeri is mostly getting used to FH

KC Roc Little bit US
Champion Roc3 Stable
Champion Rocx3 OS

Champion Teebird US
Gold Line Explorer Stable
Star KJ Nybo 2017 OS

Usually use Firebird for flick shots. The OS Firebird is getting used for FH only or when I need a deep anhyzer that is flexing back.

USDGC 2017 Firebird Little bit OS
USDGC 2017 Firebird OS

Star Wraith Very US (flips over regardless)
Star Wraith US
EchoStar Wraith Stable
Star Destroyer Little bit OS
Star XXL Destroyer Very OS

Other changes Ive made to the bag:

Star Destroyer that is US is out of the bag given I have a Wraith that pretty much does the same thing. Explorer has replaced a Teebird that I threw in the ocean that was beat in, my plan is to cycle Explorer if I can get hold of a OS Explorer. Anyone know how the Opto-X Explorer is? I tried to replace the Teebird that I threw in the ocean with a couple of others Teebird but they were just way more OS than I anticipated. I have played many rounds where I use a stock stamp Star Teebird as my only disc because Im trying to beat one in. After I have played several rounds and been hitting tons of trees its still the same. Star plastic is hard to beat in! I had a Sockibomb fundraiser Explorer that I feel in love with, flipped up to flat and very natural flight. They also feel very similar in the hand which is why Im bagging Teebird and Explorer atm.
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2016 ITB tirepizza Bag Suggestions & Feedback 11 05-16-2016 07:06 PM

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