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Default Discs you don't like the feel of

Certain well reputed discs just feel wrong in my hand:


They just feel uncomfortable in my hand.

Are there discs you that just don't fit your hand?
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Don't work: KC Aviar, McPro Aviar, any champ putter, Boss

most comfortable: Core, Teebird, Outlaw, Firebird, Maul, old Pro Line Rhynos
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Anything with a rim width greater than a Wraith.
Every Vibram disc.

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River felt horrible to me

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Anything with dome.

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Deep dish putters aren’t for me, Wizard especially. The Gator equates to grip lock, as well. Anything too wide, like boss and nuke, are quite uncomfortable as well. Not much for the harp either.

On the other hand, the Envy is the best power grip feeling Putter, IMO. The truth/verdict feel excellent as well. Like the shallow feel.
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Speed 12+ drivers. The Tern was one that I could never get a good feel for because of the larger rim width and shallow feel. Every now and again I'd get a great rip with it but never found consistency. I can bigger distance with my Blizzard Wraith.

Beaded putters have always felt awful with my putting grip. I spent years putting with KC Aviars and Bangers but once I got away from them I can't go back to the bead.

Deep dish putters also don't feel right. I used McPro Aviars for most of this past year. I did pretty well with them. They have great flight but couldn't lock down that consistency because of the larger depth.
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Colt, Stud, and most beadless putters

I also hate most shallow rimmed drivers. My fat meat hooks can't hang on to them.
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The Tern feels terrible to me, Predators and the Wizard and Magnets are tough too.
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PD? Envy? Comet? H1?

To be honest, I could work with any of these. The Comet initially felt weird but grew on me and I don't see it leaving the bag in the foreseeable future. I simply wasn't desperate enough to make the others work since I either had other discs for the spot (H1 and PD) or didn't need the disc (Envy). For what it's worth, the Comet no longer feels bad, and getting it to work for me improved my grip on all discs.
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