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Default When Tournament Reality Slaps You Hard

Since returning to playing DG I have really gotten in to it. It has become so much more fun. Especially meeting & getting to play with so many members here on this forum. Many that have played with me know I'm usually the shortest drive in the group, my upshots are ok and every now & then I can hit a long putt.

I had never joined the PDGA because back in the day you didn't have to be a member to play in a tourney without a $10 penalty fee. (it's not the money buy the principle. But that's another post)

But I did join the PDGA and entered the Loriella Challenge AM event in the Advanced Master. (I'm 48). My first tourney since the '94 Tennessee States.

The opening round was a normal round at Loriella, white tees (short) to normal pin placements. I didn't do too bad I hit all the holes that I can birdie (3 of them) but a couple of holes I normally par I double bogeyed for a 63 (+9). I have mistake free under par rounds but few & far between. Nine over seems to be my average lately. Even though it wasn't my greatest round the group I was with couldn't have been better. We actually had a blast and since they weren't in my group I was giving them some home course tips.

So, after the first round I was in last place in the Advanced Masters by 1 stroke, I was just a few strokes behind about 5 players. So I was optimistic about making my goal of not being last.

Here's where the slap comes in to play.

The second round was from the pro tees to the long pins. Tees that I never played from. I knew this was the format but since I wrenched my foot last week in Myrtle Beach I figured it was better to stay off it. Besides how much could one or two rounds last week really help my game. My goal was to finish at 90 or lower. It was a complete disaster of a round started out on #10 over the pond which I laid up my tee shot short to cross the pond but my up shot hits the one tiny branch and straight in to the water for a circle 5. It gets better. On 13 I slip on the muddy tee pad and my throw doesn't even make to the short tee and I'm in a jail house of trees. I just underhand pitch out and take my medicine but errant throw after errant throw and just for good measure a roll in to the pond again for a nice circle 8. The rest of the round wasn't too bad I did miss a birdie putt and made 2 pars. I did make my goal of finishing under 90. I blazed in with an 89. It could have been a respectable 80 if it weren't for the water.

So I finished last with a score of 152 (+32). To top that of the 76 total players only 2 had a higher score than me and one had dropped after the first round. One kid in the Rec group shot a 155. Granted the intermediate & rec played from the white tees for the second round so I probably would have done better.

To be honest after 13 I was considering dropping out. I was bummed, my foot was starting to hurt and I was double digits over after 3 holes with 15 more punishments to come. But to my credit I just went quiet. (I did gripe a little but to myself mostly) I didn't want to gripe and ruin the round for anyone else. Besides they were fairly positive and after a few more holes of bogey golf I was getting settled.

To the point of this ramble...

I have never thought of myself as even an average DG'er. I always was at the bottom of the scoreboard. No matter how much I practice or played I could only get so good at this game. I am playing better now than I did 10 years ago. But I love playing and I had come to the conclusion a long time ago that this was as good as I'll probably get. This experience just rammed that point home. I had no business playing from the pro tees.

So my career in Advanced Masters lasted one tourney. I guess I'll have to get comfortable as a middle of the pack Intermediate player.

But who knows in a year & a half I'll be a Grand Master and try it all over again.
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It can be an incredibly humbling game. I know what you're talking about.

I'm 44 and have only played in one tournament. I was very fortunately to play very steady golf. I'll probably just play a couple more tournaments this year as I don't have that much time to commit to them. Plus, I really enjoy just playing too much to be worried about my score vs. my opponents all of the time. I'm just hoping to do my best and to continue to have fun.

I hope you continue to enjoy the game and not let this experience bother you. Be well and take care of that foot!
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Last weekend almost the exact same thing happened to me. Worst round in over a year... Finishing dead last in adv masters. Don't give up, just play smarter. You will find out that by playing the shots you KNOW you will lower your score and enjoy the game more. I have found that it's a mind set.... Know your strengths and weaknesses and always play the round to minimize risk/reward shots.

Playing for par will lower your score because you will stay out of trouble and will find you get more birdie opportunities.

Hope this helps! It did me...

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Feel ya...Was 2 off the lead Sunday after 1st round. Second round, 1st hole I hit 7 trees and threw up an eight...2 holes later I lost my 3rd shot up near the basket in the snow somehow...Had to re-tee on a 400 ft hole, hyzer'd it out and almost walked off when I couldn't find it...Was so frustrated with myself...Had 3 groups on me, luckily everyone came down to help find it, kinda helped me to calm down. Put up another snowman there and shot +16 for the round. Was a very frustrating experience, hard to believe I almost walked off.
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Hey, way to stick it out... bad disc golf truly reveals a persons character. It would have been justifiable to quit as you're foot was injured, but you would not have been happy to have just left unless it was unbearable.
Rarely do I not have thoughts of quitting a tourney while playing poorly or thinking about what I really should be doing work / family wise.
Hopefully you have a great time at the next event. Remember, it really is the fellow competitors and friends that make us drop other duties to play so good or bad day on the course, enjoy it... you never know what tomorrow will bring.
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I'll be waiting in the grandmasters division when you get there Kevin.
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I understand how you feel.

I've never been a great player but when I was most active in tournaments ('90 - '94) I would throw my Scorpion and Vipers about 410' and was a decent putter. Never playing much better than a mid level Advanced (AM 1) player.

While I continued playing casually over the next 12 years and focusing on course expansion projects, I decided to start playing occasional tournaments and was finishing in the bottom of the pack in INT. Once I turned 40, I start playing Advanced Masters. I still couldn't compete but I enjoyed playing.

About two years ago the competitive fire, as far as tournament play goes, so I focus my energy on running tournaments. I enjoy players wanting to play my events and I enjoy trying different and unique formats.
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The key is to not say "I can score a 54 here so I am looking to shoot around that" but more like "I have shot a 65 here and with tourney luck I am looking at a 68 or worse"

Us normal dudes rarely shoot our best in tournaments and i don't really think its the stress, its the long rounds that grind you down.

I can run out and play my local course in 40 minutes and shoot at or under par. Stretch that round to 2 hours and I am lucky to shoot 5 over.
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Come on old guys, don't give up on yourselves. I'll be 49 next week and currently i'm playing like poo poo but I know that I can step it up. You guys have experience. Use it. Don't quit on me.
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
Come on old guys, don't give up on yourselves. I'll be 49 next week and currently i'm playing like poo poo but I know that I can step it up. You guys have experience. Use it. Don't quit on me.
i'm still with ya man but i cant move up to grandmasters for another few years
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