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Default Disc Weight

Im throwing a 175 Star Destroyer right now, in which I am having to release at hyzer position to really get it moving. Im fine with the throw I am developing with the disc (almost always a flex shot) but was wondering if a 171 is really going to allow me to turn the disc over more with a more stable release? Wondering if anyone had any great insight on how much the weight is really going to factor in. Don't know if this would matter much at all but I am almost always throwing this disc forehand.
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Point no. 1: the weight listed on the disc may not be the actual weight of the disc. If grams matter, weigh the discs.

2. Weight definitely factors in, but I'm not sure 4 grams from 175 to 171 will make that large a difference. For me, 8 to 10 grams is where I start seeing a difference.

3. Everyone has their "ideal" weight for discs. Mine is in the upper 160s, so most of my fairway and distance drivers are in that 166-168 range (as is my Pink Panther). My Buzzz is 177g and my putters are all 174g. Of course your ideal weights will vary, and I only suggest getting used to putter weights as near that 175 max, as different and lighter weights can lead to inconsistent putting.

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My understanding of Star Destroyers is that they really depend on things like the run, the domeyness, plh, wear, etc. For example, in one of Philo's ITB videos he has a heavier SDS that he can use to hold a turn, but a 166-168g SDS that is a beefy disc. Seems like weight only matters if all else is equal.
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Look up "PLH" or wing height and how to tell the difference between stabilities...there are lots of threads with specific pictures.

The weight difference in that range will not matter. My 175g Star Destroyer is for max D and my 168g is for headwind hyzers both forehand and backhand. PLH is way more important.

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Originally Posted by _Bob View Post
...Wondering if anyone had any great insight on how much the weight is really going to factor in...
You are talking about 4 grams. That won't make much of a difference at all. Slowplastic already mentioned this but disc geometry (PLH, wing angle, dome height, etc) will make a bigger difference in stability than 4 grams.

A lower PLH *D with very little dome that sounds like it would be perfect for the shot you want. But I don't throw Destroyers very often so maybe someone else will have better insight for choosing a less overstable Destroyer.

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These guys are all on point but it doesn't look like anyone has addressed what you said about releasing the disc hyzer vs releasing it at a "more stable angle". Your disc should typically turn over more from a flat release than a hyzer release. Are you sure you don't mean anhyzer? Or do you feel you're able to generate more power from a hyzer angle vs a flat shot?

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Has to be anhyzer. He mentions a flex shot.
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If more beef is what you seek I have a destroyer for you
In all seriousness I'm thinking you're speaking of anhyzer, or forcing it over in order to get some turn and fade on the disc rather than just fade and more fade. If you have a lizotte-class arm and are flinging Destroyers 600 feet and it is too flippy, then A. Respect B. You'll want the heaviest weight possible C. Disregard the entire first part of the post and D. I've still got that beefy destroyer
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I prefer to use weight (specifically max) for my most OS "distance" (key word there) driver over say, PLH since, although both can offset headwind in regards to matching the flight pattern of a less OS disc with no wind, flight pattern is only part of the equation. The other factor we fight with head wind is added resistance (blow back if you will) and heavier discs have better penetration hence, greater distance. However, if you're an <450' arm looking for that same principle in high winds (20+ mph), you basically have to carry a disc that isn't very useful for anything but that... OS -very OS and max rim diameter allowable.
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