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Default Recommend to me a beefy baseline mid

I'd like to replace the USDGC champ Roc in my bag for the winter because champ plastic does not agree with me in the cold, wet weather.


Baseline plastic (DX or Pro type), beefy like a Star or Champ Rancho Roc and stays that way longer than a couple tree hits. This will be complimenting the DX Rancho Rocs in my bag, so don't suggest a DX Roc.


Feels somewhat like a Roc.


In summer conditions I throw around 390 golf distance, maybe 420 field distance. In winter I'm discing down a bit because in wet conditions it's probably more like 350-360 golf distance. I have relatively clean form although given that I play less often in the winter, it gets a little less clean with less frequent use.

Other details:

I would love for the answer to this question to be a KC Pro Roc, but I've wasted $20 on 2 of those already without getting a beefy one. I'm unwilling to buy an endless stack of them until I find a truly beefy one. I would also like the answer to involve Innova, but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go with another manufacturer on this unless I'm willing to give up the "Roc feel" to go with Discmania. If JCass would just finish his beefy RDG mid in fossil I would be all set, but I need something to hold me over until then.
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Not a true mid, but I have fallen back in love with the viper this year. Really doesn't go that much further than a roc, it is a matter of mentality. I think they pair super well with rocs.
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This one seems kind of easy to me...get a Pro D Drone. Feels a little bit different, but not substantially so. Starts out super OS and glidey like a roc. And should last you an entire winter no prob. By the end it'll prob still be more stable than a KC Roc. And if wanting baseline was because of grip you can always just get an ESP FLX and itll last you forever.
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I'm working on it as fast as I can... DaveMac just moves at his own pace lol.

These types of desired discs really remind me WHY I want to make a disc in this category.
Not a ton of options for a beefy, baseline disc that mimics a Roc in feel.
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DX Gator. But there are PLENTY of adequately OS KC Rocs out there.
Drone is a good option too. As is an M Sentinel.
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Drone, Gator, and Viper would both be solid options. The Viper and Gator feel a little closer to the Roc with them being beaded, but the Drone kind of reminds me of a beefy beadless Roc. It will be a little glidier than a Champ Roc though.
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Drone and Gator are the best that can be found in base IMO.

Cell is good but the baseline version is not as OS.

I too love the Viper but if you want a Roc feel it won't do.

The Justice is great but no classic/retro runs yet.

I'd go Gator.
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IMHO Rocs (and Roc3s) in any plastic may not be as overstable as you're looking for. I'm not at your power level, and I find Roc3s to be straight flyers with a fade/dump at the end... in every plastic I've tried. The Roc family of discs are IMHO just not meant to be all that overstable.

Ergo, IMHO your answer is going to be something like a Gator in baseline plastic. Maybe a Viper or a Whippet. Not sure what the other brands's entries into this arena are. But my bottom line is that any Roc or Roc3 might not be OS enough...
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I'd advise against the Gator because of its lack of glide and smaller diameter compared to a Roc. I'd say DX Viper, M Sentinel or S Warrior.
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I want prodigy to put out a line called the Mb or Midrange with bead. Beaded M1 or M2 would be nice to try and not too difficult to make. Or maybe a beaded Buzzz OS. If the Buzzz came from removing the bead from the Wasp, do the opposite with the Buzzz OS. Or DD put a Roc sized bead on a Verdict and call it the Guilty. So, take a very stable to slightly overstable beadless mid and put a bead on it. Now, if only disc manufacturers listened to me and not stupid stuff like market research. Seriously though, the overstable but not utility mid with a bead is a void that needs to be filled, especially if it can come in both baseline and premium plastic.
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