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If you are wanting a disc to start out high left and hold an anny line to the right, for shorter distance I use my GL river and longer distance a star tern. If you are wanting a disc to hyzer flip, meaning start on a hyzer and flip to a turn and hold that turn line continuously gliding right til it hits the ground, then I posted a thread and got tons of disc suggestions which would be this thread here:

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Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
The obvious questions here are:

- What does your Valk do that you don't want our suggestions to do?
- What distances are you throwing?
- Any disc can be released anhyzer. What do you want it to do when you throw it that way?
My valk is great for slight right shots. Idk y I just can't flick. So I need a way to throw sharp right like 150 ft until a hard right turn.
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Meteor or Fuse or an understable putter maybe? Saying hard right turn makes me think you want an understable disc that will flip over at a certain point.

How far away is the target? For a distance driver to flip over (like the Valk) that will probably be for shots at least 300' away. Also going down to a putter or mid there will be less fade at the end after the turn so it will keep going right more easily.
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150-250 is a stingray all day. Want it turn a little early, tiny bit of anny release.... Turn a little later, put a little hyzer on it. Easiest disc to get turning with minimal effort.allows you to focus on starting the shot on the line you want and not worry about trying to over do anything. A fineness right turner. Great for powered down tunnel shots also.
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I'll reiterate Hammer's points: Any disc can be thrown anhyzer. What it does after you release it is a whole other can of worms.

I use an Eagle type disc for my anhyzers. I don't like throwing flippy stuff anhyzer. I like to control the anhyzer with my release angle, and not the flip of the disc.

For flip shots, I use a Leopard mostly. It's nice and slow, so it flips relatively similarly from many different distances. You just have to know how much of the flight it will flip for.
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As far as annys go, here's my first choice (depending on the shot)...

Putter - Gateway Magic
Mid - Latitude 64 Fuse
Fairway - Innova Teebird (seasoned)
Distance - Discraft Flash
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Anything neutral to slightly understable *for your arm* will do.
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get a DX Valk and show it some love it will turn right.

but 150 then a hard right sounds like a FH shot. Why not FH the star Valk?
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I love my Lat 64 GL Fury. I also have a Jade that's just as easy if not more controllable.
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I use a river for majority of my anny shots, but when i need a long 340+ anny, ill go with the Flow.
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