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If I'm throwing RHBH and want something to go right, I throw Daedalus or unLace for drives, Coyote for mids.
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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
Anything neutral to slightly understable *for your arm* will do.

For a hard turn at 150', try a Vibram Summit, Polecat, or any neutral, beat, or understable putter that feels good to you.
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Originally Posted by 46YearOldSlinger View Post
Actually you don't even have to add anny it just goes right and floats enough to not cut roll. It's like cheating on dogleg rights.
This is why these anny threads confuse me. For the most part, the discs I make turn from left to right are not thrown anny. I mean, some are, but I would never think to call something an anny disc.
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Beat 167gm 5x jk champ valk for a driver, I also have a 171 Sandstrom star Valkyrie that works great for long sweeping annies. For a fairway driver you can't beat an older champ leopard that has seen some loving. For a mid for the exact shot you want I have a champ panther that is straight money, also a champ roc3 that holds Anny to the ground when thrown with anhyzer release. For a putter I use a magic, and it is so much fun to throw. Basically any of these discs will work, but you have to have the form to do it. As for not being able to flick, I don't have a driving flick, but for the shot you are speaking of I have practiced enough to get it done. And I don't have to use stupidly OS discs to do it. It is all a matter of wanting to put in the practice to get better.
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I agree with a DX or beat/light premium valk for longer shots. I use a leopard or a beat up teebird for more control though. The leo is perfect for flat and downhill, basically when I can throw low or soft, and the teebird is uniquely suited to uphill anhyzers for me. I can drive around 325 ft uphill no matter what disc, so faster discs don't help much. I can throw either of those discs flick or back hand too.

Another new understable disc in my bag is the foxbat. I used to carry a DX stingray or cobra for understable mid and roller shots, but they would always get unpredictable as they aged. As long as the flashing is worn off/removed, The Foxbat throws like a well-seasoned dx cobra of the same or slightly heavier weight. I use a kc roc for rollers now, but for every other anhyzer shot, even some that I used to throw a leopard on, the foxbat is now my go-to.
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Originally Posted by wakefield724 View Post
My valk is great for slight right shots. Idk y I just can't flick. So I need a way to throw sharp right like 150 ft until a hard right turn.
get a Legacy Discs Bandit or Mongoose ....they work great for turnovers , the bandit would be a slight turnover and the mongoose would be a lot of turn .
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I also throw the Star Valkyrie. My go-to anhyzer disc is an Avenger SS. Pro-D ones get beat and can turn and roll left though. I really like the X-line. It'll go far and right and many times won't fade back left for me.
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