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Default Volt Question

Where can I get a domey volt that was made with the old molding tool? My wife loves her Domey Volt and j want to get her another one. I have herd that the Servo has the similar flight is that true?
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The Plasma Volts are modeled after the domey Volts so check those out.
The Fission Volts also fly a little less stable and you can get them in low weights.
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Id definitely recommend the fission volts. Havent thrown the Plasmas, but the fission volt is exactly what I wanted the first volts to be.
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Depending on how hard she's throwing, I'd say that a Switch, like max weightier, will be closer to an "old" Volt than a Servo...at least until the Servo has some serious wear on it.

I'll second trying a Plasma as well...not far off. (Or a lighter Fission)

Less convenient is finding an Amp that's close. I've seen more variation in N Amps than any MVP/Axiom mold. I've got a couple that are stouter than the old Volts, and some that are Sidewinder-y

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I was given a plasma volt. Really nice disc, but def not domey.
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Servo and old Volt are NOTHING alike when the Servo is fresh. I didn't really beat my Servo in to say how it would fly once it's worn. The Fission Volt has been the most similar for me.
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D4 is a volt
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If you can get a Relay from a circuit event overstock or wait until they are released.

I have a 173 and even at the heavier weight it's flight is the closest I've found to my 168G FR VOLT.

More so than my Switch, Plasma Volt, Amps, Fission Volt.

It's a speed 6 and very comfortable to throw. Also gets serious D for the speed.
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I have a proto plasma copper volt or tesla, can't remember which. I always get those 2 confused. It's in my car I will check when the wife gets home.
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Second the Plasma Volt. It has the same PLH of the old Ns. Newer Protons and Fissions have the higher PLH. My Plasma Volt, while not domey in a classic sense, is still more rounded than my Proton.
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