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Default understable mids!

I realize there is a similar thread here. I read it.
So I too am looking for the more/most understable mid disc. I throw an M4, but am looking for something with a little less backbone. My mid range discs are the Hornet, M2 (which is almost identical to a Fugitive), M4. After playing in the woods yesterday, I am considering adding a more understable mid to that group. I prefer beadless discs.

I am familiar with the Comet, which I find to be very like the M4. I liked the Fuse OK, but it's a bit floatier than I want.

For your FYI, my understable lineup in the bag is

I like the F7 and M4, but they both have enough backbone that I have to put some zip on them to flip them up. Then they fade a bit. They work great, but have a narrow sweet spot of power and release angle to get them to sail straight. Something with a little less backbone is what I think I'm looking for. . . I think!

any tips? I'm eyballing the Tursas and the Archer.
thanks in advance
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I have a 167 g Tursas in the bag for super flippy mid shots. It's great for hyzerflip to huge turnovers, or tricky standstills, and other powered down stuff. I highly recommend checking out a lighter one like that if you want something super flippy. Also feels great in a fan/power grip and is beadless.

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Since you're already using the Heat and Thrasher, I'd suggest going with the Archer.

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If you want a fliptaskic mid, go with a DX Wolf....but it probably won't be useful.

The Stari is closer to M4 speed, whilst the Archer is a tweener disc, almost fairway driver speed.

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I'm a big Tursas fan for that slot. I've thrown them in VIP, Tournament, and Recycled plastics and all are great. The flatter ones are the most flippy in my experience, and the dome seems to affect stability significantly more than plastic type.

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Tursas and Fuse are like 1A and 1B. They can be really similar. If I wanted a less floaty, beadless Fuse I'd probably try the Claymore, Evidence, and Theory.
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The new DD Patrol is really flippy
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Please try Prodiscus STARi. Nice flyer!

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I have thrown the Tursas, Meteor, Warrant, Archer for that slot. . .i now throw the STARi

The Archer is fun. .
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Meteor, stingray, wolf is the most flippy(wouldn't recommend it) a worn Roc type disc would be my mid of choice.

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