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What if it had been Blizzard plastic?

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Taken from 2012 Consumer Reports reliability study:



Even the cheapo Korean cars beat American cars now.

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not wanting to start a flame war, but beyond putters Vibram durability is a joke. No matter s,m,f they are all terrible as compared to other manufacturers. The only advantage is grip in crappy weather.
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OP. I can't believe you hit a tree when you were playing Noble. /sarcasm.

I have never thrown vibram, but, I will try to avoid trees when I do.
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I'll disagee.

X-Link seem a lot more resistant to road rash than plastic discs.

I also have flung my Vibram discs pretty hard into trees, and cant detect a mark afterwards.

Opto is about the only material I've seen that I would say comes close to or exceeds Vibram for durability, but then my experience is fairly limited.
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All of my vibrams have been relatively fine. My firm lace hit concrete once and left a ding in the wing, still stable, medium has hit a few trees and a lot of spike hyzers still running fine. If the stability ever drops I can always run very hot water from the faucet and it's right back again. My fairways have large tree impact marks and they all were fixed with hot water. The firm is just all around bad in the woods especially with the drivers, which why I don't drive with them there. I use my vibram mids and I don't repair them unless they get thorns or rips like the OP has shown so they are beat to crap and they still fly almost the same as new if not better(some of my newer ones aren't as glidey as a broke in one). I use a small piece of metal that I heat with a lighter, I bet a hot knife would be better, smoothing out and filling the spots with the excess pushed rubber. In your case you need something very thing almost like a credit card but metal, heated up and placed between the separation you should be able to melt both sides with the metal and slide out to seal then smooth out the surface.
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I have had no durability issues with any of my medium or soft Vibrams, but the firm Xlink is significantly less durable. Any firm I've bagged for some time has picked up battle wounds. Personally though, I like that they have an Xlink that you can break in and season.

On a side note, that Trak use to be mine, so I'm sorry to see it dinged up and sorry it wasn't as durable as you expected.
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my lace was run over by 3 different cars, which includes the big road hits that brought it
there, and looks brand new.
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I think, like dehaas (I think!) said, the issue here is that it was a firm Trak. It is pretty widely known that Firm Vibram is more along the lines of plastic durability. This same kinda thing could have happened with Star plastic or Gold Line, too.

Honestly, you probably could have been better served starting this thread AFTER you contacted Vibram about it to see if they would fix it. Steve Dodge is very active on these boards and seems to be a pretty reasonable guy. At the same time, coming here to document it all first isn't going to score you any sympathy with the Vibram fans or their head honcho, if I had to guess. Just my two cents for the future.
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I've been nailing trees with my firm Ibex for probably 60-70+ rounds now, and it still only has a couple tiny nicks/blemishes. I've used it almost exclusively for anything wooded 200' or longer. I guess I can't speak for everything Vibram, but it has certainly lived up to the hype for me.
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