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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
And you wonder why some don't want to get involved in the tourney scene.

What in this thread would make you not want to play tournaments??
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Yes, I have encountered this situation as well. Big names on the sign up sheet who aren't actually signed up and don't plan on playing the event.

I suppose it's a good way to "encourage" other people to sign up?
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In deciding how outraged to be, it would be helpful to know if the TDs are listing players without their consent, or listing players who have told the TDs they're coming.

And, whether the intent is to hold spots for certain players in an event that's likely to fill; or to draw more players by making an event look more prestigious; or just to give the event the appearance of filling so fence-sitters will hurry up and pre-register.
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Originally Posted by bradharris View Post
I've seen TDs set a deadline for division changes. The main motivation for that was to have the cards arranged ahead of time to keep things smoother in the morning. But it also seems like a good solution for this problem.
I came up with a suggestion for division jumping... switching after X date means 1/2 your player value stays in the division you registered for. You basically donate half entry plus half added cash to your original division if you jump late.
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next year I will sign up as open in 90% of the events I play. That will trick the GMs to come out in large numbers, then I will jump to GM the day of and reap the rewards. Now when I pre-reg as a GM they typically stay at home.
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Can't say I've ever seen this problem before.

The closest I've seen is back in Montana, for the Zoo Town Open (Montana ' s biggest tournament) they hold a few spots for "Touring Pros until a couple weeks out. But that isn't shady at all. In fact, it's a dang good idea.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
.. I don't think the comparison of saying Katy Perry at kids party = ProDGer on tournament sign ups is even remotely the same thing.
Well, the total budget is probably about the same for both events.
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...sounds like one lame Bday party Does that budget include a cake?
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I know it has come up in the past.


Generally, I care about how many people will be at a tourney. I would much rather prefer to go to a tourney with 20 people in my division instead of 4. If they are putting fake names up, there is terrible and I will never go to another tourney by that TD.
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I've seen it, but it has been awhile.

I actually saw one tournament this year where they pre-registered #1 Steady Ed himself. No disrespect to the deceased, but I thought it was hilarious. He did want to stay involved after he passed.
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