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Default Top Selling Discs of 2016

Infinite Discs has been posting its top selling discs of 2016. They haven't released the mids yet, but this is interesting:

Putters: http://discgolfreviewer.com/best-sel...tters-of-2016/

1. Judge
2. Wizard
3. Aviar

Drivers: http://discgolfreviewer.com/best-sel...ivers-of-2016/

1. Destroyer (by a long shot)
2. Teebird
3. Wraith

Seems Innova still owns the driver market as Valk and Tern are 4 and 5.

I wonder how consistent this is across other online dealers, and how brick and mortar stores compare.
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Discgolfcenter has a top seller list on the front page of their website. Currently, the top 10 discs are all Innova.
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Interesting to see the lists. Thanks for posting.

It occurs to me that "Aviar" actually includes a couple of different molds. Breaking out Aviar Driver vs Aviar PnA might well shake up the putters list.
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It's fun watching all the fanboys on Facebook (Trilogy/MVP) whine about their discs not being higher because they are the greatest thing ever. Give me a break.
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Bud Lt is the best selling US beer on the global market. Hmm, must be the best.

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I throw lots of different stuff. They are all good. You cannot say that Innova makes MUCH better stuff than anyone else and that is why they sell way more. Its much more complex than that. I would say MVP is the most consistent, Trilogy has some of the most beautiful plastics, Innova has some of the best molds(teebird). They all have their strengths, and of course weaknesses.

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Trilogy and MVP crushed Discraft and, well, pretty much everyone but Innova. Their QQs are unwarranted.

I thought it was interesting that the Freedom dropped off the list after how popular it was.

Did the Harp eat the Pig's lunch or what? why is that not on the list?

Very happy that the Jokeri made the list at all. People need to know!
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Originally Posted by Hyzer Ale View Post
I wonder how consistent this is across other online dealers, and how brick and mortar stores compare.
At least based on my experience of most brick and mortar stores, at least outdoor stores, I bet their top selling would be fairly different. They seem to carry really weird molds and I bet Innova would dominate even more.

I find it interesting how only one disc in my bag is in either of those lists.
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It will be interesting to me to see if the Harp stays as high as it is. I can understand it being up there after Ricky won the world title this past summer, of course.

I think the Marshal is going to climb in 2017. Paige Pierce is already touting it (and rightly so), and it'll be a good alternative to the Judge and/or Warden.

Most of the driver were the 'usual suspects'; no real surprises there...
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In the Chicago area, Innova seems to totally dominate the market. I'll see some Discraft and Lat 64 around, but overwhelmingly it's Innova.

On the brick and mortar retail market, the only places that sell discs that I know about are Dick's, certain Walmarts, and PIAS. Dick's and Walmart are 100% Innova products. PIAS sells mostly Innova, with a scattering of Trilogy and a bunch of Gateway putters.

When I come across someone obviously new to the sport, they always have Innova-often a Destroyer that they can't throw to save their life.

It seems Innova still owns this sport, for better or worse. Being a supporter of the DGPT, I was happy to see Innova get on board with sponsorship money. That should help a great deal in their dealings with the PDGA, as I can't see them going against something in which Innova has a financial interest. At least that's my take on it as a total outsider.

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