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Default Injury from Disc Golf? DG as PT?

Well I had been reading over at DGR and I noticed a thread about a Heel Spur/Plantar Fasciitis. Basically some of the people over there were saying that flat footed people that are carrying weights and what not can easily develop this.

I had been playing a ton of disc golf, and I just wonder if you guys think it's possible that it could weaken my Achilles tendon so much to the point that it would make it snap. *Seems ridiculous, yet plausible at the same time.

I snapped it playing basketball, but I had been doing some heavy discin' at the time. I ruptured it back in May, and am now just starting to walk on my own. (Although I'm major gimpish) I plan to use Disc Golf as my physical therapy once I can start walking more normally and once I stop being paranoid about it, but if I run the risk of weakening it again from DG I think I should stay away.

I have very flat feet, and I do not think I developed any sort of bone spur. (Something would have been said during x-rays?) Suggestions?


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get some orthotic shoe soles
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I am not a Doctor but I will take a look.

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Maybe using stand still drives you will be ok, but x-stepping is a very athletic movement with the timing, planting twisting action. I would not say DG is good re-hab for a ruptured achilles. Swimming would be way better. Sounds like you just jonsin for a reason to get out a throw again, and I get that, but wouldn't risk permanent injury for it.

Sidearms wouldn't hurt either
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I don't know about all that. How many discs are those guys schlepping around to where their tendons are snapping?

I had really flat feet growing up but my arches have actually risen a bit over the last few years. I think it's cause I've been going barefoot as much as possible b/c I just got tired of wearing shoes all the time. It makes you work your feet the way they're supposed to.

If you just kept it slow and didn't go all out with an x-step, maybe go FH so you don't have to pivot as much, DG should work okay for PT (consider the terrain too) I think.

Swimming or pool therapy would be better though.
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ya i have flat feet and bad knees also. I even see a rhumetologist (no clue on spelling). His advice was simply, "get an exercise bike". So i did and wow. The motion of biking keeps your legs strong and really has prevented any big injuries so far (knock on wood). I play disc golf almost every day and tourneys on alot of weekends,,,riding a bike 2 or 3 times a week has helped me in a big way.

i know it seems simple but hiking, running, walking even as you do in disc golf are hard on the legs,,especially with flat feet. Biking strengthens those important leg muscles and helps you prevent injury.

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Orthopedic soles are a definite. I'm a lefty and I ruptured the left Achilles, so most likely it will be mostly all forehand shots. I can't even tell you how many DGCR threads I've read in the last 6 months, I need to get out there. Even if I have to go get it with the moon boot on.

Pool or water therapy just really isn't accessible for me at this time, but I could really use the exercise bike. That's pretty much what I used to rehab broken ankles, works great. (Though this Achilles rupture has been pretty crazy)
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I like the idea. "Boss, could I get out of work early? I've a PT session this afternoon."
Is PT tax deductible? Hmmmmmmm....
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