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Default Looking for longer distance disc

I've just got back into playing more after years of playing one or two games a year. Not getting much distance right now and want to make sure I have the right discs. Lots of new stuff out there since I was playing regularly. Back when I played a lot my 150 weight champion Valkyrie was my farthest thrower. Couldn't throw into the wind, but good for most other shots. Not doing much with it lately, just an occasional good distance throw. I have about a 170 Champ Valkyrie I use going into the wind that I throw consistently, but not much distance.

I just went out and practiced some driving with the 150 Valkyrie, a 170 champion Viking, and a new Gstar Tern 171.

Was most consistent with the Viking, but farthest throw was the Valkyrie(also the shortest throws). Started getting better with the Tern, but didn't seem like I am going to get much more distance out of it than the Viking.

Any new disc suggestions for more distance or just keep practicing?
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You've got good discs. Keep practicing.
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Those discs can straight up bomb, you're probably not going to get more distance by getting another disc. Your best bet would actually to get like a stack of DX Aviars. Learn to throw those smooth and far, that will help you in the long run for sure. But if you're just out of instant gratification then I don't think there are any better discs than the Tern.
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Originally Posted by cooter View Post
You've got good discs. Keep practicing.

I would even say buy some more regular weight Valkyries (165-175g) and keep working. Increasing the speed with the Tern will just make it harder to control. Pro/Star Valkyries would be good choices. Keep that Viking in the mix as your overstable Valkyrie. Speed 9 drivers are great and for a majority of players will be easier to get max distance consistently than the higher speed drivers.

Watch as much tournament footage on YouTube of top pros as you can and watch the mechanics they use. Notice how they draw their power off the tee from their legs and core.

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I would suggest a 160ish Pro Wraith.
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Air Stag! Or DD Breakout.
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What is your favorite weight? For me, it's the mid-160s. Everything from my Rivers to my TLs to my Terns seem to do best for me in the 165-167 weight area. Your favorite weight might be different, but see if whatever your weight is, is consistent.

From there, you might try a speed 10 disc, slightly faster than the Valk and Viking, such as a Discmania TD or a Beast.
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Based on the discs you're throwing, try an Opto Bolt, 170-171 grams, you will instantly add 30'+ to your drives. Don't worry that it's a 13 speed driver, it's easy to throw. And Opto plastic holds it's flight characteristics longer than Champion plastic, it's grippier too.
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You've gotten some good suggestions do far, but I'd suggest trying out a Discmania S-CD2 (swirly seems to be a good run).
The numbers are 9/5/-1/2 which is basically a Viking with more glide, so should give you a bit more distance with the same flight.
Its a terrific disc, check it out.
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Basically, the tern you have is still too stable. Bolt, light as you can find Freedom or King are good options. Finding the right high speed US driver can be difficult, or fun, depending on how you look at it. The most bang for your buck is learning to throw putters and mids off the tee as far as humanly possible for you. Then higher speed stuff will start to make more sense.

Go to a field and actually realize how much further you throw a valk than your mid of choice. Say it's a Roc. Do it a bunch. I bet you find that there is not as much difference as you think.

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