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IMO, MVP. Using a single core with diff overmolds within categories has its advantages.
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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
Yeah the SW and RR were actually in their ballpark in terms of ratings in Gstar. The Valk however....
innova is such a big disc company you think they would have their **** together better
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
innova is such a big disc company you think they would have their **** together better
When casuals buy monumentally more than us disc geeks, and they sell way more discs than all the other companies combined, why should they worry about quality?

At this point, inconsistency is a detriment to some and an advantage to others.
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^^your right i forget that. we are the 1%.

a lot of casuals wont believe me when i tell them that discs vary run to run. they look at me with a blank stare than proceed to flick their cute tye dye groove into the ground 100 ft ahead of them
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
as someone who has ordered multiple wholesale shipments of MVP discs I can say 1/32 is flawed cosmetically but more often than not PLH and especially dome are always the same.

No such thing as a pop top MVP disc on the market and with increased production/lineup the products actually are coming out more consistently compared to older previous molds and runs. Another great point of MVP's is the fact many molds are available in weight ranges from 150-170 while staying exactly the same shape/stock run.

All companies have their issues but I have found some of the least with MVP and handled a good amount of the discs. Obviously I would say all this though riiiiiiiiight?!
no pop tops is worth converting
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Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
I hear it in discussion of every brand: 2 discs, same mold and weight, fly differently.

PLH, dome, even color are cited are often cited as culprits for these irregularities.

Is there a brand you feel has an above average rate of consistency in their product?

I'd like to hear about it.
Yep. MVP & Axiom.

Their discs always come out flat (For the past few years, some early runs of discs had dome, but its been years...).

Barring exactly one irregularity, their discs always fly for me how they are supposed to. I've never bought a Tesla and had it fly like an Impulse, like when I used to cycle Pro Destroyers and some of them flew more understable than my Roadrunner when new.

They are durable and hold their intended flight path for years.

The differences between their plastics (Proton, Neutron, and soft variations of each) essentially come down to grip and cosmetics. The plastic does not have even 10% of the affect on flight that the differences between champ and star do. There is not a single MVP / Axiom mold that would need different ratings for different plastics like other companies have to do, Star Tern vs Champ Tern being a prime example.

The feel between their molds is more consistent than any other brand I have tried. The discs in each speed class typically share cores and have numerous wing similarities on top of that. The grip transition between Resistors, Servos, Craves, Inspires & Switches is minimal and lets me cover any fairway stability I need without having a bunch of weird shapes to get used to.

I say this as someone who has handled over 500 new MVP / Axiom discs in this past year alone, much less since the days they only made the Ion.

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Originally Posted by ranger View Post
no pop tops is worth converting
well by design some discs are better fliers when flat but MVP doesn't design the discs that way and you will never get some weird boob topped disc that flies nothing like the others. A small "heartbeat" to the flight plate is one thing but some of these discs out on the market are seriously a joke to think they are suppose to be the same as production. IMO domey discs are the death of consistent molding specially when it comes to high speed drivers. I also think MVP has an advatange in that many of the cores are produced the same but for different discs. The only change which is happening with MVP is the small overmold from many different molds vs an entire cavity of plastic being filled all the way into the small wing crevices.

And im not sure on this but would put my $$$ on it that outside of Vibram they are one of the only other companies who manufacturing facilities are used for products outside of disc golf and it allows for greater purchasing power of raw material as well as equpitment to QC etc.. the procedures are in place its just a matter of filling the demand essentially. MVP has had NO issue filling demand and constantly seems to increase their capacity while not suffering any quality issues.

If anything, the newest theory's OM's are some of axioms most durable to date which was an initial complaint.
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Wow, it is pretty rare to see so much agreement on DGCR.

There aren't a lot of molds I've thrown multiples of, so it's hard to know without experience. I've thrown a lot of Beasts, and they all seem pretty consistent flightwise. Same with Rivers. Stag and Underworld are very inconsistent from what I've thrown.

I don't throw a lot of MVP because I feel I can't consistently generate enough power or snap to get the gyro to do its thing. They are nice discs to be sure.
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Crap, I forgot. Screw discraft, vibram is second for sure.
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I hope MVP is consistent. I've only bought one of their molds at a time. Same for Vibram.

Other than that, I don't think anyone is particularly consistent. But I find DC discs to be predictably inconsistent. Something about them ... when I pick up a disc, I know how it'll fly, and I'm usually right. Not saying I have some super-scientific method, or that one could be used to determine stability; just saying they treat me right.
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