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Hmm. I guess I would say the Lace for "click": I don't understand why it's not more popular with the golfer with intermediate distance. At about 375' D it is a very consistent disc relative to its speed and stability. It's very rare that it surprises me.

"Click" runner up is the Underworld: when I was maxing ~275'-300', it was the perfect turnover driver. I think it's a highly overlooked understable fairway for players with that kind of arm.

I have a hard time coming up with an obvious "didn't click." I threw a Roc a few times and it didn't part the heavens. More recently it's probably the Atom: it just seemed like a putter to me, basically. Nice plastic but there's a lot of nice plastic out there.
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Click: Discraft Flash
Don't: Innova Boss

I switched to the PD this year out of curiosity more than anything. I could go back to Flashes in the control driver slot without skipping a beat.

Never felt comfortable with the Boss, or really any driver with a wider rim than a Destroyer. I can't really think of anything else, almost all "popular" discs are pretty good if you can fit them into your bag setup.
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Click: X Crush. I never see ANYONE with a Crush, but I love the X ones.

Didn't click: Challenger. Fine for putting, no way can I drive it. Every single throw is OAT city.
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I don't really have any obscure 'clicks.'

2 clacks:

Rocs. At all. Roc3 was OKish, but meh. Really dislike Ranchos etc. Just never worked for me.

As a gyrohead, I really can't dig on no Crave, which seems to be one of the more universally appreciated MVP/Axiom molds.
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Click: Prodigy F5 - don't seem to hear much about this one, even from the Prodigy fanboys but it's a sweet control fairway!

Don't click: Katana. This one was hard because I generally think all discs are neat. But there you go, this disc makes no sense to me.
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click - Groove. I must've scored one of the handful that molded up "right". If I hadn't lost it on a bad throw I'd have it bagged today. Bought an exact replacement, and, well, it was not very exact.
nope - Roc. Just always felt odd in my hand, no idea why. I could get a decent flight but there was just no chemistry.
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Clicks; Apes I love them! No one else seems to. The Touch but mostly I think people haven't seen them yet, it's a great disc.

No Click; Destroyers, Bosses, Aviars, Drone would be the big ones.
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Clicks - Prometheus, old mold beast, 86 softie, tank, atlas

Don't clicks - MVP plastic in general. Unless it has changed, both neutron and proton plastic felt very slick to me.
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Click: Vein, Vaccine, Touch, Lockjaw...all from Salient. I won't go into details, but they are unpopular on these forums. In my area, no one has ever heard of the company, so there's no opinion one way or the other.

Didn't click: Firebird. Used them for years, hated them the entire time. I finally realized I didn't need Firebirds in my bag.
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Clicked: 150g Pro R Pig, forehands with this disc have saved me more times than I can count..

Didn't: Toss up between the Roc and Buzzz, hate em both for some reason ha.
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