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Default Understable driver for a beginner

I'm looking to purchase an understable driver. I am a relative beginner--I've been getting aboiut 250-275 with my River. I have been throwing an Innova Krait and a Latitude 64 River lately. I've been very happy with both, but I'm looking to add something more understable to my bag. I will post a list of what I've been considering. Any input is greatly appreciated and I'm also open to any suggestions for other understable drivers. Thanks!

Innova Sidewinder/Roadrunner/Archangel/Mamba/Monarch
Discraft Nuke SS
Westside Hatchet
Latitude 64 Bolt/Jade

I've been trying my best to look up which ones are stable and overstable, etc, so my apologies if one on the list doesn't really classify as understable. Just let me know and I will note that
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From that list I would try a Hatchet, Jade, or maybe a Star Roadrunner.

Latitude Fury is also good, very similar to the Hatchet iirc.

The Mamba might also be fun, but I think Fury or Hatchet will give you something with a little faster rim that is still undertstable enough at 250-275.

Have fun!
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Underworld!!! Thank me later


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Underworld is definitely the answer, that thing just glides for days. Insane unreal glide
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Originally Posted by zs91 View Post
Innova Sidewinder/Roadrunner/Archangel/Mamba/Monarch
Discraft Nuke SS
Westside Hatchet
Latitude 64 Bolt/Jade
1. Please do whatever you can to find a Monarch in a store and actually hold it. Some are okay with the groove in the rim, but I am not one of them, and I consider that groove an atrocity.

2. The Nuke SS and Bolt are pretty high-speed drivers for what your post appears to be looking for.

3. My own suggestion is a Mamba in your favorite plastic. You can continue to use the Mamba in tailwinds as you develop your form. And then I'd recommend a Sidewinder.
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I assume you are using the krait for straight to fade lines and flexes and River for straight stuff.

Drop the Krait for a not max weight star TB or Eagle. Either will be more responsive at your arm speed. Finding a straight to fade fairway driver now will pay dividends later.

Underworld is the mold you want. If you can't find one with enough flip to do what you want, I donno what to tell you.
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I agree on the Underworld if you're throwing 250-275. Absolutely love mine.
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Most people here will probably tell you a Bolt or Nuke SS are too fast, but if you throw 275'-300' with slower discs you'll notice an immediate increase in distance with either of them.

They're both fast and glide very well. The Nuke SS is among the longest discs out there. Controlling it and actually getting that perfect flight line to achieve it is a whole other ball game.
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Originally Posted by sillybizz View Post
Underworld!!! Thank me later

Let me do it next time... smh
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