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Orion LS
Predator (maybe replaced with a faster OS driver)
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I'm still in that "trying new things" mode in general. I have doubled up on some molds that I really like & looking forward to upping my game with these in 2017.

Putters: Still all over the place. Mainly the Jawbreaker Banger GT, DX Polecat Lids

Mids: Buzzz, 2x Cobra

Fairway: Stratus

Drivers: 2x Wraith, 3x Destroyer

Falling in love with new discs every month - we'll see where things stand (lie?) a year from now.
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Really thinking about adding a Sinus to my bad. Really love it for backhand off the tee. I think I'll keep the harp though for side arm approaches.
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Do it
If you do I will
174 purppnk swirl in cart....
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First of all, I'd like a new bag. I've been carrying a salient ember since they came out, but the black has faded a bit and is now a weird semi black reddish tinged color now. Would like a new Shift or Tana something in that size class to take its place.

Discs probably won't change much

Electron Atoms x2
BT Soft Harp X1
Vip(winter/fall)TP(Spring/Summer) Harp x1
VIP Bard x2
Lucid Justice x1 (could lose its spot to a MOAB)
VIP Stag x2 (trying a Volt and Thunderbird here to see how that goes though.)
Champ Firebird x2
Star Firebird x1
VIP/Elasto King x2 (trying a Ballista to see if it's as long but more HSS)
Champ Ape x2
Star Ape x1

I doubt any major changes apart from the bag will happen. I've tried several discs to kick the King and Stag but none have managed it.
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I'm beginning to settle in and be really happy with my bag. I'm sure I'll continue to try new things, but for the most part this is what I am throwing:

*DD Classic Warden (am taking a closer look at the Challenger, but I always seem to go back to the Warden)
Discmania S-Line P2 - approach/throwing putter
Innova Champion (Rancho) Rhyno - wind fighter/hyzer approaches
*Innova Star Stud - straight/slightly overstable upshots
Innova Star Mirage - straight approaches at 50% power, understable for longer upshots
*Innova Pink Panther - not negotiable (utility shots, thumbers, approaches, upshots, everything)
Discraft (Green) Hornet - upshots needing a finishing fade, wind fighter. Forehand disc on approaches.
*Discraft Ti Buzzz - main mid. Longer upshots, tee shots.
Innova Star/Champ Mako3 - straight/understable mid (if any disc comes out of my bag in 2017, it will likely be this one)
*Innova Star TL - straight fairway driver with fade for hyzer or anny flex shots.
Innova Champion Banshee - utility/wind fighter - it is to me what the Firebird is to many of you. Forehand disc, as well.
*Lat64 GL Fury - when it absolutely, positively has to turn over and be understable.
Innova Champion Sidewinder - distance driver with control
Innova Star SL (Val commemorative) - longer distances needing fade, off the tee into the wind.
*Innova Star/Champion Tern - distance driver, especially with tailwinds
Westside TP Destiny - just got it, but it does go very long (for me).

* = minimal discs bag for quick practice rounds.

still need:
(straight/understable fairway) - the one indecisive spot. A Patriot, River, or FD might end up here.
(overstable fairway) - Banshee might come out and a Firebird, Val 4x Starfire, Orc, or Star FL might come in.
(overstable driver) - something for into-the-wind distance. Lat64 Flow the leading candidate here.
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Star Sidewinder
Champ Firebird
Champ TeeBird
Pile of Rocs
Pile of Wizards

Not too many changes.
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Switched to an all Prodigy bag back un July...

300 PA4- putter
400 PA4- understable thrower
350 PA3- overstable thrower
400 M4 (x2)- straight/understable mid
400 M2- overstable mid
750 F7- understable fairway
400 F5- stable fairway
400 H3- forehands
400 D2- forehands
400 D3- most open drives
400 D4(x2)- control drives, hyzerflips
400 D6- raw distance drives
400 X1- trick shots/forehand rollers, crazy overstable
400 A3- forehand approach

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Judge for putts (no change there)
Ion for drives (also no change)
Mids are staying about the same except a new Ti Buzzz is taking the spot of my old beat up X Buzzz
Fairways are constantly shifting but I'm sticking with a Star Thunderbird for sure, and an Icon Rival.
Distance Drivers have essentially come down to the Crank/Nuke/D1 combo.

Everything low speed is constant but I'm still trying to lock down the longer discs in my bag.
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i've narrowed down my top 10 discs and will start from there everytime but i tend to carry a lot and want to minimize. top 10 discs:
Destroyer, Tern, Mamba, 2 thunderbirds, teebird, leopard, king cobra/MD3, buzzz and wizard. I have a lot of just in case discs, like a firebird or a PD2 but those 10 are my mains that i reach for 90% of the time. i have OS and US discs in each section but some rarely get used. Other discs ITB:
Krait, PD2, Firebird, more destroyers and thunderbirds, TL, River, Gator, Rhyno and mirage

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