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2 Magics
3 Wizards
4 rocs
2 Eagles
4 Wraiths
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Got a pretty simple bag set up planned. Going for more consistency and better placement.
3x D-line P1x: putting (soon to be replaced by something but I don't know yet)
1x soft envy: drives
1x soft proxy: drives
1x P Matrix: FH midrange
1x P Axis: BH midrange
1x N Servo: line shaping through woods, FH or BH
1x P Resistor: OS fairway
1x N Volt: go-to fairway
1x N Defy: go-to distance
May be adding an Octane in the permanent bag for max D but with my little girl-like hands it's sometimes hard to get a clean release on that rim. Thing sure crushes though. Probably going to switch to Plasma Anodes for putting as soon as these P1x's wear out, which won't be too long by the looks of them. An US control driver is definitely needed, probably will end up with an Insanity for that

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trying out a really weird 6 disc bag and loving it.

Viper /Banshee

Spider/ Panther

Classic Aviar/Pig

not for bomber holes, but for anything under 400 feet it's been fun. making me be creative!
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Years Playing: 15.2
Courses Played: 33
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 6,930
Niced 1,014 Times in 482 Posts

3 Star Destroyers
1 Star Wraith
1 Champ Firebird
1 Champ Thunderbird
1 Champ Valkryie
2 Champ Teebirds
1 Champ Eagle L
2 Pro Leopards
1 Champ Roc3
1 KC Roc
2 Glo DX Rocs
1 MF Champ Gator
1 Star Aviar Driver
1 XT Nova
2 KC Aviars

I've recently been throwing the Envy/Proxy combo and might add them in.

The Nova replaced my Small Bead Aviar and Yeti.

Not sure if the Valk is staying, might go with a Roadrunner instead and drop one of the Leopards.

And finally, might replace the beat DX Glo Rocs for a Coyote or Gauge.

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what happend to the sanny Qsents?
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5 BB Aviars(3 yeti, 1 JK, 1 KC)
2 Beadless Aviars(1 DX, 1 mcpro)
3 Champ Roc3s
2 Champ Mako3s
1 Pro Teebird
1 Star TL
1 GStar T3
2 Firebirds(1 star, 1 sexton)
1 Champ SW
2 Champ Valkyries
2 PDs(1 G, 1 C)
3 Terns( 1 GStar, 2 Star)
3 Star Destroyers

Don't usually carry all of these, but this is my "full" bag I guess

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River Pros?
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I've been carrying a "winter bag" for about two months or so now, basically started as copies of my usual bag (cart actually) as a means to start seasoning some extra backups and whatnot. I switched a few discs around and it's been working well, might start the season with this and see what happens.

Most notable difference for me is no PDs. No particular reason other than I wanted to carry less discs in my bag than the cart and I picked TeeBirds over PDs. I forgot how much I like throwing TeeBirds and how well they work for me. When I was pushing the cart around all summer it seemed like I pretty much always defaulted to the PD.

KC Glow Aviar x2- putters
KC Aviar- straight
XT Nova- straight to flippy/jump putts

MF Gator
KC Gator

P MD3 x2- straight and flippy
Luster C MD3- overstable

P FD- flippy
Star TeeBird x3 - almost flippy/straight/straight to hyzer finish
Champ TeeBird- hyzers

Champ Glow Firebird

Star Destroyer x3- flippy/straight/overstable
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Location: Milwaukee, WI
Years Playing: 20.1
Courses Played: 76
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 3,745
Niced 173 Times in 106 Posts

KC Aviar x2
XG Champion Rhyno
Champion Glow BB Aviar
XT Nova
Recon Mortar
Star Roc3
Champion Roc3 x2
Champion Mako3
Champion Teebird x4
Luster Firebird
Sexton Firebird
C-PD x2
Champion Destroyer x2
Star Destroyer x4

I really like my putter setup. I doubt it'll change at all during the coming year. My mids will most likely change a bit in 2017. I've been considering adding a McPro Roc3 or two. I might even find a place in my bag for an Atlas. When the snow disappears I may just got back to a KC Roc cycle again. My mids are up in the air at this point, we'll see what happens. My fairway & distance drivers won't be changing at all. Though whenever the PDx goes into regular production it could find a spot in my bag.
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D-line P2 for putts and drives
NOVA for jump putts, approaches and drives
Zone for flick approaches
Pile of rocs
Teebird, Firebird, FD
Pile of destroyers

KISS- keep it simple stupid
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