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The Wolf is pretty bad, but I can see where it might be useful to some. The Magnet is one that I just couldn't stand how it felt in the hand. It flies nice, but in a putting putter, you need the right match, and it's just not made for me.
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Originally Posted by Broken Shoulder View Post
Rubber Putter wasn't a bad putter. Used one for a long time back in the mid 90s.
Steve Howle told me that part of the legal wrangling in the 80's and 90's when the patent was in effect was that he couldn't come within a country mile of creating a disc like the Aviar. The Aviar was actually pictured in the patent drawing so it was 100% safe from being copied (I know, the Aviar wasn't the first beveled disc so why was it in the patent? I don't know. I saw the patent and one of the two drawings sure looked like the Aviar.) Discraft and Lighting had a really hard time making putters becasue of that. What Steve did with the Rubber Putter was to copy the Aero. Because it was an Aero copy, it came to a kinda sharp edge instead of the broad, rolled off edge of an Aviar. It made the Rubber Putter a good disc for short drives and approaches, but not as good as a putter. Of course the disc name was "putter" so...

Anyway, if you think of it more as an Aero than a putter it's a decent disc. It's just not a great putter.

Discraft made due with the Magnet until the patent expired and they could finally copy the Aviar. That's when the Challenger came out. Lightning had stopped releasing molds by then and never did make a great putter.

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It wasn't bad, it was special! Lol

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i have no idea why i picked one up and used it.

an early run Amp. i was expecting an easy anny disc.. instead it was a faf firebird. i was disappointed.
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Two popular discs that I will not bag are the River and the Saint. Something about their rims just does not fit my hand at all.

On the other hand, I find the Saint Pro and the Maul to be exceedingly comfortable to hold.
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Salient Antidote
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Salient Prometheus

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Quest Wildfire

Can't get much worser than those.

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No Franklin despair? Strange. The first time I saw an Albatross was about three or four years ago. Found it in some scrub off the side of a fairway at the great Fallasburg park (as seen later this month at the Pro Worlds Masters - hometown plug)

It was stiff as ABS, seemed to have a tiny diameter, strange feeling wing, and just genuinely intriguing. My cohort and I laughed with a bit of confused anticipation as I was inspecting the frisbee walking to the next tee. I thought to myself, "Well, a free disc is a free disc." It was listed as a driver, but felt more like an item I would use from my prototype lab as I was building mock-ups for automotive lighting. So, I lined up my shot... "Don't rip it, give a touch hyzer with some height." "PULL!" The disc slipped from my hand as if it was lined in PTFE. Immediately, the hyzer flipped over... and over... and over. Two full revolutions of a corkscrew flight later, the disc knifed into the ground about 120' away as my comrade and I looked on in stunned silence. "What the (expletive) was that?" he asked. I couldn't even respond I was laughing so hard.

The disc was labeled for "disc golf - practice and competitive play" however, in a decade of the sport, I had never witnessed anything so bizarre. We each attempted a few more throws, with varying power and angles, with similar results. This was obviously a white elephant. The gag was on us.

This is most definitely the WORST disc I had ever thrown.

Worst real disc? Lightning MX1. Super thick rim, extra domey, I think they were only made in the standard base Lightning plastic, and super strange flight. Very understable and very overstable at the same time. It was like a Katana on heroin! Just an odd mold that I could never get down with.
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No hate for the Aerobie Epic?
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