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Hornets are good and Drones are good as well. Actually I find them both to be quite similar, just a touch earlier fade on the Drone. A heavy Lat 64 Mace or Pain work well for me also. I haven't thrown the Verdict, but a touch of hyzer on a Truth gets the job done for me.
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Originally Posted by McJesus View Post
N Axis has gotten me out of some trouble and since it's essentially a buzzz, it makes sense why they're being so heavy suggested.
I just got a DGCR glow Axis to give away as a prize for my tourney and had never seen one before. As soon as I pulled it out of the package I went and grabbed one of my Buzzzs to see just how similar they were.

Unfortunately, I'll never get to throw it.
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I would also go with the esp zone. If you throw it out to 250 feet or so you can get some nice straight lines out of it with out having to worry about flipping it into the ground like most other approach discs. It is labeled a putter but I would say it fits in between a putter and mid. I have used Pigs, gators and drones and I vote for the esp zone hands down.
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One that is kind of under the radar but has worked well for me forehand as well as backhand is the Gateway Karma. Fast, good glide, with the hss of a Buzz, and Roc LSS. Shapes lines really well with forehand. Also throws an amazing thumb roller as well. I bought a surplus S plastic one my friends had from their charity tournament and disc golf wise it turned out to be a good 10 dollar investment, paying attention for the next time Dave and co. do a special on discs and get an HPP one with some backup putters.
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Another under the radar pick, the Nebula (2008 Ace Race). It's a slightly beefier Buzzz and a smaller diameter, not quite as overstable as a Hornet. Rim feels pretty comfy for FH IMO.
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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
I like Rocs for throwing forehand midranges. Admittedly, the forehand is a weak part of my game. But if I'm throwing a midrange forehand shot, I'm reaching for a Roc... usually a fresh KC Roc.
I also really enjoy throwing Gators FH, especially my Metal Flake CFR.
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I go with a Quantum Sentinel for my forehand shots. Tried a Roc3 for a bit but the Sentinel flies more consistent for me. I also use it for some skip shots when i get in trouble. With some good snap, the Sentinel will fly straight with some decent distance and will hold that without flipping and then finish with some decent fade
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As a FH dominant player, I don't have a favorite mid. The shot required dictates the disc selection. However, my most used mid is an Eclipse Axis. Great line-shaper. Before my switch to MVP mids, the bag contained Comets, Buzzzes and a Drone. Now I bag a Tangent, Axis, Vector and Tensor. I love Comets but the Tangent flies similarly but is easier for me to range. Axis and Vector are just a little more consistent in release than my Buzzzes. The Tensor just works better for me than my Drone.

Usage: Tangent: straight, turnovers, sweeping annys. Axis: hyzers, straight with fade, turnover with fade and long annys that need a little fade. Vector: straight with more fade, slight headwinds for an Axis flight or max power throws. Tensor: Heavy headwinds or straight with hefty fade.
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