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Like with spectating many live sports, don't expect to have an amazing view of the lead card, the cameras get all of the best angles. You may be able to see the lead card players tee off, but not the full flight of their discs. Or you can stand down the fairway and watch the discs fly, but not see which player threw them. For some reason I hadn't anticipated that. Of course, whether you have a good view or not, you can't beat the drama and excitement of following the lead card.

The last time I went to USDGC, I switched things up and picked a card in the middle of the pack, and had a really nice time quietly walking the course with them, and getting a close-up view of their throws. Very different feel from lead card, and I think I personally preferred it this way. Then at the end, you can walk back and catch up with the increasing drama on the cards higher up.

Personally I got bored sitting at one hole and watching everyone throw it, I want to see more variety of holes and throws. But it is relaxing when you need a break.

Try out some of these approaches, and see which one you and your sons enjoy the most.

As others have said, bring plenty of snacks and water, something like a stool or chair is nice too. Also sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc., like any activity spending a whole day out in the sun.
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Great tips guys!! Thank you!

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The last thought is, not knowing your 12- and 14-year-olds, but I suspect they'll last longer moving around, than watching one hole.

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what to expect:
"Hold up guys, that's far enough."

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If any player in the group splits off, assume they are going to find a place to pee. Look the other way and don't follow them.

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Just show up and your interests will guide you. When I was young my main interest was learning throwing techniques from the pros. Followed Klimo, Barry, and Russell to name a few. Afterwards I realized I would be nothing more than an average player and my interests changed to relaxing and watching the show. I like to find a spot where i can see multiple fairways and then park my ass and watch the under cards play through then follow the lead card in. I approach spectating as I do playing a round of disc golf... I wear the same garb and empty my bag of discs and stock it with goodies and carry it and my trusty camptime tripod around. Hope you get to see an exciting finish.

PS: One thing I learned about the pros is that they don't like pars.
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Having been to Ledgestone last year; There were limited passes available to be able to spectate (which managed the head count). You can walk the course and follow the lead card or other cards. You will be required to stay 50 feet back and socially distance. There were only a couple of places on each course (Eureka Temp and Northwoods) where there was a choke point and was closed off to spectators. Mainly this is due to the inability to socially distance at those areas. As such a few holes on each course were closed to spectators. For the most part it's a great experience, I highly recommend it.
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I am registered to play DDO this year, but I want to try to get some spectating in (if allowed). Should not be a problem as I'm sure to be on early tee-times due to overall suckage. I appreciate the tips here, I'll make sure to bring the stool.
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If you haven't spectated before. Depending on where you are at (even walking from one spot to another), don't pick up discs - period. Even if they are out-of-bounds/in the water etc....let the player pick it up. Make sure your kids are aware of this rule. Also, if you see a disc go into brush/woods/etc. near you and there's no spotter around....show the player where the disc went and if needed help them find it.

Be aware of your surroundings and flying discs....don't get hit. If you hear FORE! or a warning (for example: heads up!), don't look to the direction of where the yell came from....you might get a disc in the face. Face away, crouch down, and duck your head...count to 10 before standing back up. You might look silly, but better to look silly than have to get stitches because a disc hit you hard.
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