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Originally Posted by ejvogie View Post
Good news: There is a DGCR app in which one can keep score
Did not know that.

Bad news: No tournaments use it AFAIK.
And I don't see any going to do so. uDisc became the 'go-to' for live scoring (but not required) and then PDGA created their app for live scoring and started requiring that for tournaments with Covid as a reason/excuse (don't need to pass a paper score card around....back when it was thought contact could pass Covid around). With PDGA having its own live scoring option, why would they support anything else? Even uDisc is only being used as a backup to PDGA Live Scoring.

Side note: I've never been required to use UDisc for tournament scoring, we've been using PDGA's. Also, the only thing I use UDisc for is bumping my discovery badge levels here
I was a volunteer for the Shelly Sharpe and Memorial in 2020 and uDisc was used whenever possible - some players refused and we had volunteers on the last day following some of the MPO/FPO groups doing their scoring. The main reason for requesting players use uDisc was so other players and 'spectators' could see how the players were doing as the round was happening. I've also been in a few tournaments last year that requested uDisc be used. But then in the later part of 2020 and this year, PDGA's live scoring is the "required" app with uDisc being the backup.

I use uDisc to keep track of my stats and so I can compare how I do on a course over time - which holes I have issues with, etc.

As far as DGCR and uDisc....until today, I wasn't aware DGCR had an app that could be used for keeping score. For me, DGCR is about the forums and that's why I originally joined. I've heard people say:

uDisc is for finding courses, keeping score and your stats.
PDGA's app is for scoring, nothing else.
DGCR - crickets. Players don't talk about this; at least I have never heard a single player mention it. I have though, but mainly to let others know about the forums.

I think most players learn about DGCR by doing an internet search for some disc golf topic and having a DGCR result show up.

I'm going to have to find the app now and see what it does compared to uDisc.
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Originally Posted by BillFleming View Post
I'm going to have to find the app now and see what it does compared to uDisc.
It's pretty much the site in app form with some basic scoring that integrates with the scorebook here. I ran out of cash to fund its development a while back. I had some very grand plans but not the budget to match
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Originally Posted by BillFleming View Post
Rating anywhere 'suck'. You can't tell which raters are really rating and how many are just doing "scam" ratings. Owners getting friends to give good ratings, etc....happens on every type of platform unfortunately.

I believe the popularity of uDisc is mainly due to it's use being "required" in tournaments. For a while it was the main "optional" method of scoring....then it became "required"...and now PDGA has its own live scoring. Most tournaments and some leagues are requiring online scoring and don't provide paper scorecards anymore.

I was a volunteer at this year's Memorial. "Cards" were required to use both PDGA live scoring (main method) AND uDisc (for a backup). Paper score cards were available, but were only given out if requested and they were not accepted as the official score.

Maybe DGCR can come up with an app for keeping score and get tournaments to use it. But with uDisc and PDGA Live Scoring already in use, I don't think it would be worth DGCR's time/effort.

There's also the 'word of mouth' usage. When I started playing, I heard about uDisc for finding courses and keeping score. It wasn't until several months later that I found out about DGCR and it was only about the forums. I didn't find out that course information existed until I had signed up.
I LOVE this site (and have been around since the early days, member #326), but I didn't start to fully use, contribute to, and appreciate the site until a few years ago, so I am the opposite of the typical disc golfer.

I was talking to the designer/owner of a new course (two if you count PuttPutt, with a third being planned) this month who had never heard of this site. This is a man who loves disc golf and is devoted to its growth. I'm not sure how we (and I mean WE) fix that, but we need to.

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Yea. I love this site and have been a member since the beginning. (member 117 I think) I have been seeing a lot of guys using udisc lately. I don't use it. My good friend says its good for scoring and finding courses but the reviews have very little info. I'm sticking with DGCR

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