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Originally Posted by Putt for D'oh View Post
Its not Gray its black and white, just hard to see.
so... gray?

Originally Posted by Putt for D'oh View Post
Those of us that don't by and large probably feel it is more awkward than not, it has nothing to do with being afraid of committing a fault.
if you read the entirety of this thread, I think you will find this is not the case.

Originally Posted by Putt for D'oh View Post
There are a lot of parallels to this type of thing in many sports. In those instances the offending player is usually TRYING to accomplish the goal playing by the rules and their focus is on a goal. They could swear up down and sideways that they were in the clear with their action and even watching a video replay might question if it were the same play that shows them clearly at fault. It really by and large is not a place to question integrity and "gamesmanship"? I really can't see how step putting or jump putting comes any where near my understanding of gamesmanship which has a lot more to do with trying to intimidate or get in the opponents head, more of psychological games rather than an action.
From wikipedia: Gamesmanship is the use of dubious (although not technically illegal) methods to win or gain a serious advantage in a game or sport. It has been described as "Pushing the rules to the limit without getting caught, using whatever dubious methods possible to achieve the desired end".

it seems to me that step putting fits that definition to a T
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I believe that requiring the suporting point in the lie to remain in the lie would shift the sentiment from "thats to close to call" to thats too hard not to call. I think it would add some legitamacy to the sport as a whole. Seeing people halfway to the basket before a putt even hits the chains, or seeing some one flailing through the air as a the disc may have or may not have left their hands before taking flight has always been a bit silly imo. Its effective and it should be used so long as its not explicitly breaking the rules. But in all honesty its a bit embarrassing when someone who doesnt play asks me "what the hell was that" and i try to explain.

And as a side note. Pros not knowing the rules and or lobbying to teach us why it wasnt illegal. Kholing at waco two years ago being the absoloute worst ever. kevin jones covering for sepo when his feet were clearly still pushing up woodchips on release, right after i watched kevin take a one foot on, one foot off line at seatac earlier this year. I remember saying to myself how did he get that angle on that teepad...i could learn something from this.....oh he cheated. Yea disc golf.

The more we all talk about it the better we can make this amazing sport. Have fun out there and let others do the same!
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