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That's great news there JedV. I'm glad just changing your grip helped you smooth things out. I can't really FH well with a power grip either. The control grip is much easier for me but it is also the grip that I naturally threw with when I started throwing. When I started, I was the only FHer that I knew of. I also didn't know about any sites where there was a discussion on technique so I am more than happy to share what I learned virtually on my own. I wish you the best in getting more proficient with your FH.
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think linear, like a manual clay pigeon launcher.
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Originally Posted by PMantle View Post
This is huge IMHO and not mentioned enough. I see people claiming turn over all the time when the throw was an anny to begin with.
Recorded some FH throws of mine from behind me as I threw, and this was EXACTLY what was happening. I had no idea since I couldn't tell as I threw from my perspective as it happened. Throwing OS discs as FH masked this as well since it would just flex back to the right.

I've spent a good chunk of this week trying different grips, angles, etc and just throwing stable putters and mids into the back of an old couch in the basement to get a feel for what works. Even on a short throw like that, I could see OAT and angles at the point of release even though the flight path wasn't fully executed since it hit the couch.

I think I've found something that has felt very good for me and looked the same as it's come out of my hand. Planning to go throw practice at a local field here in a bit and see if it holds true when the disc can fly all the way to the ground. Hoping this works out!
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Originally Posted by Jax11 View Post
Mike, you brought up some excellent and valid points.

I throw primarily FH and like to think my form is pretty clean. I flick Eagle-L's to 320' on crisp hyzer flip lines a day to day basis and can hit ~380' with them on open distance lines. I have thrown 450'+ on my best throws and can regularly hit 420' with distance drivers. Despite this, I struggle to find consistency with putter mid-range flicks farther than 200' On my best days I can get Buzzz's out to 320', but on a bad day I will flip them trying to throw 275'. The follow-through point makes a lot of sense and I will be paying more attention to that leading into next season and throughout the winter.

These consistency issues also amplify when I am trying to hit a specific line in the woods. I defaulted to throwing a beat to crap 10x Eagle-L for tight tunnels and other short touch shots just because of the improved consistency in hitting lines. Consistent shaped lines with putters and mids its definitely something I want to get better at for next season.

The one key I have found that helps me to clean up my mid and putter flicks is that I hold the disc as loosely as possible in my grip. I know I likely tighten down right at the hit. I would guess the loose grip helps keep my arm relaxed and slow, so that spin dominates the throw.
I have some slow-mo videos of him throwing forehand. He is throwing turnover shots in all these videos (basket is on top of the hill in the trees on the left). 392ft uphill. First video is Eagle-L, the other two are VIP Swords.

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that is some really nice forehand form. the Eagle-L shot was such a nice release.
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Granted, I'm not an expert flicker but my advice to Jax would be to throw mids and putters closer to flat. Focus on throwing smooth and loose and don't be afraid to power it down like a lot. When I used to throw putters forehand I would overcompensate with the hyzer and end up following through on a lower plane.
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