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Originally Posted by Mspot View Post
.... but in most areas you are supposed to dry hump the basket after an ace. If you don't do this it is bad luck and most people believe you will not get another ace for 7 years!!!
I am learning so much about the darker underbelly of this sport... But now I can't wait to throw my first ace!!
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Only once and I never wrote on the disc, had it on a piece of paper the date I got it but I lost that in the 2000's. It was in my first month of play in August 2003 with a Rubber putter that my mom now has. I did like the mold just in wind the Rubber Putter and Areo discs do not do well for me. My dad has success with the mold in the wind but then his Rubber Putter is the newer baseline plastic with the DuPont added to the plastic, mine was the older plastic and under 170 grams.

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The first proper one I signed the disc. After that, an instagram post at most.

Oh yeah, and the discs keep on flying. No retiring or any other favors. Get back in line, maggot.
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1. Look at cardmate in disbelief
2. Have cardmate take photo and send to all that were not there
3. Brag about it here on the Ace thread
4. Put disc back in bag.

Neither disc I have aced with is currently in my bag. The disc doesn't suddenly give me a +3 modifier or anything, but I won't trade off my first for nostalgic sake.

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I retire the disc
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I only throw my first ace disc on special occasions, but have thrown and lost all the other subsequent ace discs. I'm glad I kept that first one.

I tend to get more excited for card mates' aces than my own. I have one buddy that desperately wants to hit one. We'll celebrate hard for him when that happens! I hope he stops short of dry humping the basket, but I won't put it past him

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My first ace, my buddy took a picture, but I didn’t pose or anything. I can’t even remember what I threw. Mako? Shark?

My second was in the summer tournament at my local course. My card mates (intermediate div) were more excited than I was, so that was pretty cool. I just wanted to stay focused because, you know, there was a big intermediate tournament to win! I did appreciate their excitement.

The funny thing is I threw a Panther on what is now a putter hyzer for me, so I laugh whenever I play that hole. I couldn’t hyzer that beat-to-hell Panther if I tried.

I’m not sure what happened but I wasn’t present when the ace pool was rewarded.

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I take a picture and keep throwing the disc.
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Lost my first Ace disc to the Red River in Fargo. Can never get that back. Hang up your first when you get it. Do what you want after that.

I write Ace 4/28/19 on the inner rim, and retire them. I love adding fresh plastic to the bag anyway, and I'm more than happy to reward a disc with Hall of Fame status and add a new one ready to try for the same.

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Originally Posted by Ryal View Post
Or would you smile, cheer, high-five everyone around you, reclaim the disc and just move on to the next hole?
Or, if you already have one under your belt, what do you do with your discs after having thrown one?
It's a good throw, so I celebrate. Put the disc in the bag and go on. The disc gets treated the same as it did before the ace. I've never even thought about retiring a disc just because of a good throw. I've also never hung onto a disc that needed replacement just because I'd thrown aces with it.
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