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I don't have many, but it's an involuntary fist-pump and a look of wide-eyed amazement. The truth is, my aces are bad misses, because I never try to run the basket off the tee. I'm always trying to park it near the basket.
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My last ace was a blind shot chainless one that caught the back of the tray. All I heard was the clunk as if you had hit metal, but saw no disc bounce away. When I got clear of the tree blocking my view and saw it not on the ground, but IN the tray, I was actually a little disappointed.

"Where's the kaboom?" I exclaimed. "Where's the chain ringing kaboom?"

5+ years later, and I haven't hit one since. Granted, the number of opportunities to do so have dwindled.
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^^^Yeah my last ace (and first PDGA tourney ace), didn't know about till everyone had approached the green. Out of sight in the center of a bush, and too far to distinguish between other cards holing out.

I don't make too much noise about it. I smile and highfive/fist bump my cardmates. I like seeing people celebrating, yelling their "let's go!"s and what have you, but that aint me. Running in a long putt feels better than an ace celebration to me.
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Aren't we supposed to RIP our shirt off and yell "MY LIFE!!" 3 or 4 times? Extra points for running through the fairways in front of every group on course...
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
TCdg look i finally hit an ace... hole 7 at eagles edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While I have not had an ace yet, i also write elmexdela's name and date on every basket I see.

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The ace doesn't count unless you shout "Let's go" after it goes in....
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It depends on the hole and the round. If I have a good round going and I hit one I'm usually pretty pumped. I will give a good fist bump, let out a good "woooh!" and listen to it echo through the trees. If others are present they can sign the bottom of my disc as witnesses and I'll note the hole, course, and date.

The last ace I hit was on the last hole of a relatively frustrating round. The course had beat me up pretty good and I was sitting at +8 and drilled a 235' downhill ace with my N Envy. Felt good out of the hand, looked great the entire way. Absolutely slammed the chains.

All I did was threw up my hands and gave the guy I was playing with an inquisitive look and said, "of course I hit an ace during this stupid round." I still let him sign it as is local tradition.
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I mark my disc myself just like DavidSauls said, and I keep throwing it. Most I had on one disc was 4 on a batwing Avenger...that I have no idea what happened to it now that I think back

Originally Posted by The Valkyrie Kid View Post
Not impressed. Record your Ace on your disc. I hate it when I see baskets signed by dudes who have thrown 157' Aces.
elmex is ****ing with you

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A "1" on the score card and high fives from everyone around. Unortunately, it's only one stroke better than a 2, even though it's way harder to achieve
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