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I enjoy your thread op because I'm thinking of doing the same. I'm surprised how fast my 170 s pd is beating up and loosing stability. I love how long and straight it is now, but miss the original stability for hyzer shots... I'm gonna start to circle them as well. I'm thinking of getting a 170 c pd for forehand and hyzer (and for heavy wind), another lighter s pd for long hyzer and flex shots and a p pd 165 ish for a more neutral flight once beat in.
Now I like that... But that would mean I would have to get rid of my teebirds, that makes me sad haha!
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I've got 4 in my bag, a worn in but not worn out 168 P-PD for S curves and seemlingly effortless distance, a new 165 P-PD because I was sad my first one was getting so flippy. I don't throw the new one often. I just like knowing it's there.

Then I have a fresh-fresh-fresh 167 S-PD. I had been working one in and griplocked it into a river during a tournament. Almost lost this one off a tree into the same river on the same hole - I really need to find a different route there. This thing is still really overstable.

And the fourth is a C-Line 171. Domey. +mold. I like it. It holds smooth hyzers that move to the left more than the move toward the ground and it's the glidiest overstable disc I've owned. It still pulls off nice skip shots but isn't so good at spike hyzers, owing to that leftward tendency. I carry a Firebird for that.
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i only carry 3 atm.

1 beat up spd - 2 1/2 years and still going
1 slightly seasoned spd
1 new run cpd

i almost want to throw another in because i love em so much! i might throw in another spd to season up or try my old ppd again. i have two td's in the bag so i guess i dont need another spd in the bag.
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1 SPD - first run
1 PPD - newer 8/10
1 PPD - worn < 7/10

1 STD also gets thrown instead of the PPDs depending on how i need the flight. The STD is very slow and curvy where as the PPD seems sharp and angular with quick directional changes
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I havent been carrying P's that often because i have a nice cycle of S's going, heres my current setup,

Beat S, low power, turnovers, hyzer flip late turnovers, long annys

Red champy, straight with fade, will hold a turn on a flat throw. Long turns which straighten out at the end, hyzer flips.

Stable, sweeping hyzers, tight flex shots

New run C line, fills the gap between new s line and pred

Also starting wearing in a new champy s line
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right now i've got a 175 merlot pearly new run c line that's worn in nice. still has a harsh fade at the end but flies a lot longer before it fades. it's my headwind, forehand, and overhand disc. i've also got a new yellow 167 s line that i just got from the factory store. the rim is slightly slanted, as have been all of the 150 class s lines i've gotten from them. not as overstable as my last s line...which was a chartreuse color...real flat and stiff that i'm pretty sure was a test config. it took forever to break in but once it did the thing was money. dunno if i'm gonna keep the 167 in the bag or not, a lot of that depends on what it wears into becoming. i've also got a new white gummy 165 p line that has less high speed turn than the 167 s line. definitely the longest of the three. i wouldn't mind tracking down a few champy stars, also wouldn't mind some stiffer s lines. the newer ones i've been seeing have been a lot softer.
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Apparently it's not for everyone, but I've found I play better and have more fun playing just carrying 3-4 discs in my hand. One of my successful line ups is a putter (BB Aviars usually), a Roc, an S-PD, and a P-PD.

The S-PD is the workhorse control driver and the P-PD is for max distance. I believe I can play to my potential with this line up and won the GM division using these discs at a PDGA this summer.

PDs rock!
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1 C-PD
1 P-PD

Pretty much it.
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Newish non+ CPD, overstable drives, flicks, occasional thumber
Beat Christmas SPD, straight drives with hyzer finish
Seasoned SPD, straight for days with power
Seasoned PPD, max D hyzerflips
Thrashed PPD, long right finishing shots, low power fairway drives

I also have been working a STD in for longer smoother right turning shots. I also carry a couple Forces, but they've lately not been getting much play and will likely come out for the winter. I carry a Cyclone too for shots between my PD/Buzzz distance- it doesn't get used much but it's like a favorite pair of shoes- just can't get rid of it.
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