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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
I'd agree with this. The last couple Pro Leopards I've ordered I could've sworn they were Star. After a couple tree hits, it was clear they weren't.
i bought a pro wraith. i love my pro beaters for long turnover d shots. i usually get the preflight number ones i can find used at PIAS. they usually are 8.5/10 so i can work with them and beat em in, there durable and sturdy. i went to my local shop and found a sick nat beauty pink pro flight numbers current run one. so grippy. anyways drilled a tree about 50 feet in front of me. i had used it for like 3 rounds before that. BENT the **** out of the rim. no ding, no treerash, just straight up bent it like taco'ing a dx one. a few days later formed pretty close to origonal form but man its understable now

TL: DR i like preflight numbers better for duribility
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I noticed this as well, my new PPD I thought was S line miss stamped.
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Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a firm P-PD. I thought it was a mislabeled Star at first. I'd like to believe Innova is updating all of their plastics. I wouldn't mind seeing a nice soft Star plastic like Latitude 64's Goldline. I doubt Innova would make any announcements since they didn't say much about the new Champ plastic. Innova's pretty maxed out with molds, the next step would be plastic blends to keep up with the Swede's/Finn's.
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I may be in the minority, but I really dig the old P-line which was closer to D-line/DX. Beats in faster but doesnt go way flippy too soon. I have a old P-PD that is beat to hyzerflip goodness. Straight PD to compliment my beat S-PD which doesnt turn and has normal fade. Add a 3rd run C-PD for winds/hefty fade/range control, and I am all set.
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