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Default Putting Woes

I have never been a really good putter, but at times it has been serviceable. I have been playing around 8 years now. I have my issues, but putting seems like its the worst right now. I mainly turbo inside 20 ft, and sometimes longer. I lean on it for tournaments and leagues etc, as my regular putt is so inconsistent. No matter what tweaks I do, I keep failing to cash in putts that I need to hit to compete in Adv. 2 rds this weekend, my c1x was 42 percent and 22 percent. Thats sad. I keep my motion short and try to aim at the pole with an understable putter. Concentrate on popping my fingers and when I am on, or at my practice basket, I can get in a rhythm. On the course is a different story. My release point is all over the place. I will putt and not open my hand all the way, so miss left. Try to correct, and break the wrist and miss right. Get dead center, but release high. You get the idea. I feel like I need to find one thing to focus on that I can do over and over. Anyone have an aha moment that happened during putting that changed their game? I feel like i am making this way too complicated. Especially 25 and in. What is your main focus when you are staring at the basket? Any help would be a lifesaver, Im tired of sucking at putting
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Forget everything about your putting form and just start concentrating on making 20' and in. Really if you constantly putt to the left, aim more right. If you constantly hit the cage, raise your chin and putt higher and vise versa. Don't think about technique.

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#1 thing for me is keeping momentum moving toward the center pole. So making sure I'm pushing off my back foot and exploding ON LINE toward the basket. Also, when I'm struggling I will make sure to pendulum my arm a few times, basically doing practice putts. Doing this helps me stay loose, and also gives me confidence that I'm going to putt center because I'm literally seeing my putting path prior to actually putting.

All that being said, I don't turbo putt so these may not translate well for you.
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Make sure you're actually shifting your weight ONTO your front leg, not just stepping forward as if you were walking and trying to stop yourself from falling through. This is off balance, rather than actually shifting your weight.

Watch how McBeth starts with his hips around 45 degrees to the basket. He drives his rear hip TO his front hip and ends up in line to the basket. He can just stand upright on the front leg after the putt releases. If you watch him on jump putts he drives so hard with his lower body that he ends up closed to the basket when he lands.

Just try standing up this way, from loaded back to upright and sideways on the front leg. Then sort out what your arm does, find your putting stroke.

I'm all for having the putting stroke and spin/push ratio that works for each person, but if your lower body sucks then your putt will suck.

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Originally Posted by NoseDownKing View Post
Forget everything about your putting form and just start concentrating on making 20' and in. ...Don't think about technique.
This is a start
Originally Posted by nosedownking
Really if you constantly putt to the left, aim more right. If you constantly hit the cage, raise your chin and putt higher and vise versa.
This part though I disagree with completely.

Rather figure out what is causing you to miss.

I’m still struggling but have had moments of brilliance recently. I thought I was a horrible putter all last year until I was in a marksman league. Turns out I’m not good, but a lot closer to average than I thought and doing regular practice for that league and seeing so many good putters to compare form with helped a lot.

What I’ve done recently?
That vid SlowP of Macbeth I needed to keep working for myself how to get the disc to actually fly/glide some.
I then practiced a ton from about 8-12’
No joke. Align my body really concentrate on getting my weight to move directly at the target then... use 100% only arm to putt from that distance. Over and over and over until the idea of aiming at a single chain link and hittin that link started to make sense and actually happen. THEN I’m moving back 18’ 20’ 25’ ish and just using more and more legs/weight shift for power and concentrating on keeping the arm motion I established up close the exact same. Not too high not too low not a rocket but good firm putt.
For me personally to get the good ejection from my hand what I started doing is imaging the disc like a bit of a knife, where the point would be the point of the disc closest to my body and fling that point at the target. Somehow this has really increased my consistency in release and adding more and more leg power I’ve been able to maintain (to a degree work in progress) the same lines as point blank arm only.

General style is spush very like McBeth but this is after so many videos and attempts at every putting video on YouTube and trying to mimic all of them at some point.
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To me one aha moment was watching pros putt so smoothly. I was pausing vids on youtube and check frame by frame what they were doing and the grip they are using. I realized that holding the disc too tight was making me using too much force than necessary. In good condition from 20' and in, I can barely hold my putter and just toss it in if I want to. Feeling the weight of the disc in my fingers helps a lot to naturally know how to throw it. Watch Barsby, it looks more like he's tossing rocks at the basket, not that it's needed to go to that extreme style.

Same thing with weight shift, too much of it or too fast, there's a good chance I will short-arm the end of my putt. See Calvin Heimburg and Sias Elmore putts, both very smooth like they are not even trying that hard and one is push/spush putting and the other spin putting.
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for about 15 yrs i was one of the better putters in my region. i got in a slump and decided to watch clinics and youtube videos of the most successful players. that turned out to be the biggest mistake i ever made. i was trying to do what worked for others rather than what worked for me. i was trying so many different things at once i confused my body (and my head) with all the tips i was trying.

unless you are really doing something wrong keeping the disc basically flat and at the post will greatly improve your make %.

turns out what i was doing wrong was as simple as rolling my wrist down on my backswing (arm drop) instead of maintaining the angle i aimed with. but that was me. now when i practice (and warm up) i start at 10' (or whatever distance you feel confident using) and make 4 sets of 4 putters. then move out to 12' then 14' and so on. make a putt that feels comfortable and relaxed and then try to replicate it. just don't move further away until you are comfortable putting from where you started. that way you are building confidence and if you are making the putts, good habits.

best of luck <*}}}}>{
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Just to add, a couple of weeks ago I played with a guy who is a few months into the game but has progressed EXTREMELY fast because of athleticism and practice. His putting was ok for that length of time, but he was stepping into his putt rather than shifting his weight onto his leg as I explain in post 4 above. In like 20 minutes of practice after I showed him how to change this feel, he went from probably 3-4/10 from 20' to like 8/10 and hitting metal every time. He was sinking 35'ers easily, no thought of needing to step through his lie. It was like a completely different player.

If your balance sucks, your arm is going to be fighting so many different things on the way to the basket/release. Even if it looks like it's moving straight, if your body is doing weird things then your arm is doing weird things relative to your body to "look" straight.

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OP your description fits me perfectly. My typical miss is right, and my release point is all over the freaking place. I have actually narrowed down three things that cause me to miss, maybe these will apply to you as well.

- Late release. With driving, we often talk about the power pocket and how the maximum leverage is actually half way through the swing and not when the disc is extended in front of you toward the target. Same goes for putting. The spot where your leverage should be applied to the disc (the "hit") is half way between your body and your maximum extension point. If you wait and apply leverage at full extension your arm runs out of room to extend and the disc forces your wrist to fly open. This is the miss right. Think of a teeball tee half way through your putting extension and visualize knocking the ball off the tee. Of course the opposite problem is not applying leverage at all and just punching your arm out. The disc doesn't activate your wrist at all and you release left and short. Hitting the teeball will solve both problems.

- Incorrect weight shift timing. The "motion" of the putt should be a straight line from your starting point to the "hit". The "motion" begins with your weight transfer. Poorly timed weight shift can be expertly demonstrated by Will Schustericks terrible hitch in his putt. He initiates the weight shift but doesn't start moving the disc until his weight is almost completely shifted. The hitch delays the hit and leads into the first problem of late release. You want your putting "motion" to start with the weight shift and the hit to happen right when the weight is fully shifted. Imagine doing a deadlift. You don't start with slack in your arms, pull up hard to take in that slack, and then lift the barbel. You start with your arms fully engaged with the lift, and then begin to lift the barbel in one smooth motion. Try that with your putting.

- Starting with disc out of line. When we drive, our body has momentum that allows us to drag the disc into the angle we want to release it at. With putting, outside of jump putting, we don't have as much momentum to do this. If you start with the disc held to the inside of your hips, and release that disc directly between the pole and your chest, you will ALWAYS miss right unless you are compensating with an early release or hyzer. In order to correct this issue, you can either change where you start the disc or where you end it. I find it easier to change where you start. If you are having issues missing right, try starting with your disc on your right hip. If you are missing left, start with the disc inside your body. Pay close attention to what you are doing right before you start the putt. You may not realize where you are cocking the disc back to before starting the actual putting motion.

Special issues arise when putting longer distances. The way out brains work is to cock the putter back further to throw it with more power. When we are lining up square there is nowhere to bring the disc back to; you would run into your chest or belly. So my personal bad habit is to bring the disc inside my body to get extra reach back for a powerful putt. Of course this throws off my disc starting position and I almost 100% of the time miss to the right.

The other option is to NOT square up to the basket. McBeth is the best possible example of this. He swings his putter inside, but also releases it inside so it is a straight line to the basket. Because he is staying inside the whole time, he can actually reach back as far as he wants to get more velocity without messing up the line. I tend to switch to this style of putting when I am further outside the circle but not to jump putt distance.
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Originally Posted by BeRReGoN View Post
Watch Barsby, it looks more like he's tossing rocks at the basket, not that it's needed to go to that extreme style.
The most useful piece of putting advice I ever got was reading Climo saying to pretend the disc was a brick you are trying to toss in the basket.

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