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Originally Posted by waltny View Post
Any rumors if and when this will become a regular production disc?

No idea, but I do remember seeing an Innova promotional photo with a RocX3 stock stamp.
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In Finland it'll be released next wednesday (May 17th).
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Default Rocx3 stock stamp release

Shipping to vendors May 22nd.

Innova Note: Last month's dealer update was published with incorrect flight numbers
(5 | 3 | 0 | 3.5) for the RocX3. The numbers on the stock hot stamp are correct.

Stock Hot Stamp Flight Numbers: 5 | 4 | 0 | 3.5
Weights: 165-180g
MSRP: $16.99

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Awesome, Ill be on the look out for it later this month.
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Looks like some Pro words are available.

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OF COURSE this thing goes into full production right after I broke down and got a Roc3 instead. I looked for a Roc X3 for weeks.
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I bag a proto-star RocX3. I haven't thrown it as much as I'd like yet, but so far it seems to be exactly what I had hoped. I love my Roc3 (1x McBeth, the only flat-top run I've ever seen), but for a long time I've wanted something that flies a little shorter and fades out a bit harder. I am extremely pleased with this mold, and I think any bag that has a Roc3 can also have a RocX3 without too much overlap.
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Update after use!

Backhand I am getting the RocX3 to 85M or 275ft and will use it between 60-85M. I can trust it to fade and I can play >5M wide of the target depending on distance. On anhyzer approaches I can get a small flex and sit or flat landing but not much of this throw has been done. I trust the rocX3 more in the wind for sure. Next to the roc3 I think the RocX3 OS is a really nice compliment for when you must have it.

Forehand I am using the RocX3 as an OS approach disc between 30-60M, easy throws. It really sits in the air on a straight line and just barely fades at flights end.

I bag it between the beat champ roc3 and star whippet-x (the original x named disc)

but since mine have 4 birds on them I still think they should have called it the roc4

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Default Production runs at DGC!

Looks like they're now available at discgolfcenter.

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Loving the RocX3! I unfortunately left my Luster C-MD3 laying on a course after making a long putt at leagues (like a moron) and that was my money disc! By far the most overstable MD3 I've ever owned. In trying to replace it, I was having a very frustrating time. I had even gone to throwing a MOAB for some of those shots, but that's just a ridiculous disc.

One hole in particular is a 250' shot that ends going uphill and doglegging left. So, you have to throw a fairly high shot that has to hook up late and get around trees. Taking a little power off my MD3 was parking it and after I left it behind, I'd been resorting to putters, but they just didn't move left far enough. The RocX3 was perfect. Throw it about 75% and about 40' in the air and hit the pin two weeks in a row. Exactly what I was looking for in an overstable, but workable mid.

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