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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
I'm betting this friend throws PD2 FH flex lines every shot? Maybe mixes in a thumber or two? Maxes out around 300?
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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
I'm betting this friend throws PD2 FH flex lines every shot? Maybe mixes in a thumber or two? Maxes out around 300?
He throws mostly FH, and has a wicked submarine delivery to his throws. I've seen him throw over 400.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Pssh, Ian has the sense to use a Zone from that distance!
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Originally Posted by Discette View Post
Nearly all of my discs are under stable. The only time I carry more than one over stable disc is when I have to play in the wind.
Same here.
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Originally Posted by mattc View Post
Because I am a noodle arm with no forehand skills
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Originally Posted by Halcón View Post
I mentioned in the PD2 thread that a guy at the course let me throw his. He also pointed to an open basket 120' away, and said he likes to throw it as an approach disc. Then he threw it on a FH flex line and parked it. Now, personally, I think that's crazy. I'd just throw my Ion right at it for the easy drop in. But it was also really cool to see. And the beauty of this game is that we all have our own style, and strengths. As long as the plastic goes in the basket, it's ALL good.
Halcon wins the internet +1
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Lots of understable in my bag, and I really should master the Comet too. I just put one in my bag as a "form check" and made some really nice second shots with it the other day. Some reasons I use them:

- Tunnel shots are easier for me when I power down, and get a slight hyzer flip with an understable fairway driver. Been sticking a few tunnel shot holes with my Patriot of late. Flat or with a little hyzer it will get subtle turn or go straight without much power. With the right height it will land before it has any fade. So I can basically just focus on throwing the disc smoothly with control at the target.

- Left to right, some lines I prefer a forehand, and some lines I prefer an understable backhand. I'm not the greatest FH thrower, so I tend use more stable discs, and the line is typically more L-like, straight to hard fade. But some shots you need a smooth, slight turn or you need it to fade a bit at the end for an S shape, or you need some height - which I don't do as well FH. If the shot is just too long for me to reach with my forehand, I'll use an understable distance driver with anhyzer. My lower weight Terns are great for that.
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I used to bag a lot of understable discs in the bag because I didn't have a forehand and it was also a way for me to compensate for not being able to throw very far. Now that I have a workable forehand and have added distance, I find myself bagging fewer and fewer understable discs. That being said I do still bag a few; a beat up DX Roc3, a Patriot, and a 166g Star Archon. These discs primarily get used for situations where I want the right finishing action of a RHFH, but I either don't want to risk the skip or would prefer for it to glide out rather than hyzer in. I also will use them for RHBH shots where I don't want to finish left at all and would rather throw something that will turn itself than hope I get the flex angle right. Finally, sometimes the angles on a tight hole will favor a disc that is turning over a disc that is flexing.

So really, I mainly carry understable discs for situations where I want to alter the finish of the flight of the disc for a variety of different reasons on a given hole
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I carry a Tern and Leopard in my bag. Both are good discs for tailwind shots, right to left wind shots (or somewhere between the two), hyzer flip to straight with minimal fade, shots where you need to throw around a tree or trees, and turnover shots.

I've been practicing putting a lot of air under these discs for big turnover shots. For me, when the combination of slight nose down, slight anny and left to right body english mojo are just right, the shot is a thing of beauty.

In the same breath, crank on 'em and throw 'em level for a flatter turnover.

My Tern and Leopard discs relatively new and can do a lot of things. When I lost my beat in turnover Destroyer and XL , as far as turnovers go, these discs stepped in nicely, right out of the box.
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Yes, because sometimes they are necessary.

Especially in the woods and elevation.

I mean if you live in an area that is flat and wide open, then yes you can get by just throwing OS discs all day.

It's always a hoot when the kid with all super OS plastic and the torque monkey FH plays in the woods with us.

I don't laugh at them, but rather try to open their eyes to the possibilities when I park an uphill, 350 ft, super tight fairway hole with a beat Pro Leopard.
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