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Default How long did it take for you to get "good"?

I guess "good" is subjective, but how long did it take you before you were shooting par or better? I just recently shot -4 on an easy layout in my first season. tell me how bad i suck..........
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Is this a Primus thing?

Okay. You suck.

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I know i suck. Primus? What? I want people to share their 1st year stories so I can have an idea where I stand.
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I never worried where I stood. (Hell, I still don't). I just wanted an alternative way to get exercise.

Saying "I shot -4" doesn't mean much, particularly if you're using tee sign par.

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I’ll let you know when I get there.

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you suck dude. get over it.
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End of First 365 days, 1 year I was using a DX Valkyrie as my main distance driver, then using a DX old style Leopard, a DX Stingray again after loosing the first one right away, and last got another putter to complement my older non DuPont added plastic Rubber Putter, a Gateway G9-I Wizard that in 2018 I gave away to a guy who uses Wizards who sold it online. I did get a little later just outside 367 days a DX Shark that I did not use too much as it was too light for me to use and eveutaly got 175 gram Sharks in Pro and later Star. I gave the DX Shark away to a friend in 2017 with a drawstring sack who I got him a new Hydra and Whaoo combo as well as a new Hydra and Dragon combo. He had a few disc but no putter only a OS Buzz and a Disc that Beginner players should not ever use, A Firebird or Xcalibur. Also gave him an 2 mini makers of mine I was not using at the time.

I could throw those new discs just fine as I got upper 160 grams range with only the heaviest at 169 grams being the Valkyrie. Now I get premium Valkyrie 170-172 grams. Do not use a Leopard after the mold changed and the Shark see above, I do not use a DX Stingray anymore since 2017 as I stopped using the mold for Sharks and Shark 3.

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just throw a Leopard a bunch as your fastest disc. you'll get better!

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I am at a point where noobies look at me and go "wow he's so good" and pros look at me and go "......"

Have been there for a good while. Whats hot in my game fluctuates a little each season, and another aspect might go cold. I have no pipe dreams avout getting better anytime soon. Nor do I have the drive to work for it. I always say I am good enough for not to have a terrbile time on most courses. Yet I do enjoy the top tier courses where par is a good score on many holes for me. Might finish double digits over par but have a better time than getting a birdie on every other hole at a more entry level course.

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Becoming technically able to birdie average holes took some time for me. Longer holes I just couldn't reach. On technical holes I was unable to throw certain lines. In consequence, I was plain unable to score under par, because I couldn't birdie most of the holes. Improving distance, technique and consistency, I started to get more birdies, because I was technically able to get them on more holes. That's what dropped my scores.

The second -- equally influencing factor -- was widening my putting confidence circle: Short putts I know I will make 90% of the time and longer putts I give the possibility to go in (and unlikely end with a three-putt).

My approach game and out-of-trouble shots always have been my strong part.

These were the factors for a better average scores for me. It didn't change that I play over par on average.
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