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Unhappy Losing Discs - Part of the Game, but NOT part of the Fun

I have not had a day off from work in 10 days straight. Today was day 10. I did, however get done at a early 3:45pm, so I buy a brand new 12xKCchampFirebird at Play It Again Sports, feels really good in my hand. Ever get a feeling you just have an awesome disc? And then I go to play. I am exhausted, but I love the game.

I go to West City, and throw it[Firebird] once on #1, as expected very overstable. Go to #2, which is a dog leg left, downhill, into some woods. I pull it out, throw it high, I see it hit the gap, and I hear it hit leaves. PERFECT!

Well, not perfect, can not find it. After hours of searching, the sun went down, and I had to give up. Not the first time I done something like this, one time I bought a Surge, and I saw it hit the edge of some woods in St Genevieve, and never found it after hours of searching.

I love the game, but today was not a good day. This reminds me why I play Jokerst all the time, and West City rarely, because I have lost a disc almost every time I have played West City. Out there is also a star Boss and a star TL.

There is not really much a person can do about this, but it does make you appreciate the courses that clear out the brush, and resent the courses that make you play through it.

A - I just wanted top vent for a moment, and
B - My idea is to use a base plastic back up on every disc, to throw on all blind/dangerous shots. Use the base plastic on all blind shots. *Of course, I have lost discs that I saw land in high grass fairways, so it is not only about 'blind shots'.

Anyways, use this as your vent of frustration when you lose a disc, thread.
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Haha, I'm getting kinda excited for some snow discin'.

Jukeshoe: <----Sick individual.

Anyway, I like to play with white discs in snow. I have NEVER lost a white disc in snow, despite playing in up to 2 feet of snow (more with drifts). So the one time I get together with a bunch of folk from DGCR and throw a red disc, I lose it in the snow.

Searched forever, probably lost it in a footprint.

Man that one was frustrating.

That was at Fallasburg. ()

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I threw a beat ESP Surge into the lake at Winthrop yesterday. *shrugs*
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Discs are only plastic, they are replacable I lost 4 this year, so now I have 4 new discs in my bag That's almost a reason to celebrate
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I've averaged about 1 disc lost/week since I started playing. Sometimes I make it a week or two without losing one, others I'll lose 8 in a week. It's part of the game for sure, especially playing championship level courses blind by myself, it's a hazard of course bagging. Rarely do I get too attached to a disc, though I'm still looking for a replacement for my beat champ teebird...
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The worst is when you just forget to pick one up and leave it behind. I try to count my discs before a round and every couple of holes. I left my purple first run z nuke behind and took me 3 days to realize it and cant even remember the last time I threw it.
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First mistake was going to play-it-again and buying a new disc
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Ya, just lossed one yesterday... Brining my total count to 4 discs in a year. I dont get mad, just dissapointed.

I figure its my way of donating to the sport. Someone else will find it and will make their day. Almost as If it was meant to be.

Sometimes you lose one... Sometimes you find one.

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Originally Posted by superium View Post
The worst is when you just forget to pick one up and leave it behind.
this happened to me over the weekend
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