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I've auditioned about 10 molds in the last two years and finally fell for the Zero Medium Keystone. I have about 20 now.

It's everything I wanted the Bullfrog to be.
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Roach - cuz that's been my putting putter for a couple years and I like it.
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Originally Posted by JuanA View Post
I've auditioned about 10 molds in the last two years and finally fell for the Zero Medium Keystone. I have about 20 now.

It's everything I wanted the Bullfrog to be.
I, semi-randomly, ended up on the Zero Hard Keystone earlier this year. I assume it's "Indigenous Person not Arrow", but my putting is miles better than it was earlier in the year. Although, I had been putting with Challengers, and I think the fact that the Keystone is a much shallower disc, with more glide, a little bit of turn and much less fade, all play a part for my particular hands/body and putting style.

And that last bit is why the original question is largely meaningless. What works best for me is not what works best for someone else. Sure, if I keep pounding a round peg into a square hole, I'll eventually get them to mesh. Any disc can be made to work, but that doesn't mean we don't have preferences. And we all know the mental side of the game is probably more important than the physical, especially when it comes to putting.

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I try to learn stuff from the sages on this forum. It saves me potential time and money. In light of that, Voodoos.....and I'm sticking to them because I find the micro bead more suitable to my hands than the bigger bead of my Wizards.... and THAT gives me a more relaxed confidence when putting since I'm not thinking about feel. As far as the original question, and without being too knowledgeable, I'd guess that the winningest putter of all time would be the Aviar, but people sure do love their Gateway putters.
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I tried tons of putters early on. Switched to the wizard and have never looked back. Have over 30 of them to practice with. It's been the only thing really keeping gateway relevant for 20 years.
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I instinctively think Judge, since I've bagged one for years, but realistically it's a Wizard.

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It’s hard to say that the Aviar isn’t the greatest putter ever. Wizard for life over here, but even the Wizard is an improved Aviar. Most everyone’s favorites are either an Aviar copy or a slight tweak.

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Envy here duh

Excellent approach ability, FH or BH, OH ok..., some big differences in flight from premium plastic to soft base plastic. It can pretty much fill all your putter slots.

Putts decent too. Reasonable wind resistance. A solid do it all disc.

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I haven't used them full-time for quite some time, but for a really long time the Aviar was it. It's the template that everything else is based on. If there can only be one, it's the Aviar.

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Anything deep with a bead, happened into a stack of KC Aviars so that’s what is in the bag. But wizards are dope, the ION is also dope, the penrose feels relatively the same (sharper bead imo), Focus are alright (less lss), daggers are cool if you can find stiff ones, etc. Putters are like pizza, even the bad ones are still pretty good.
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