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If you play with a group, ask them what they throw, and ask if you can see how it feels in your hand.....as stated before, it all comes down to what feels best in YOUR hand. Then there is also the issue of hard putter vs. soft putter, and again, what feels best in YOUR hand. Once you do find something that just feels right, get at least 3 of the same weight (or within 2-3 grams), and practice putting. A lot of the putting game is mental, and consistency, and confidence will go a long way once you find what works!
Since you were looking for a suggestion, I will say that if you do like softer putters, the Omega ss from Millenium is a good choice, and the rim is much more shallow than the Yeti. Also the Nova from Innova is REAL popular in my area, many players have switched over to it. The Omega I used for years and loved it, the Nova I have thrown a couple of times, but I don't throw harder putters, so I'm not the best judge for it.
Good luck on your search!
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As many have said here - it is all about feel for a putting putter. Fondle as many as you can. Get one that feels right and grab multiples.

With that said, the one thing that stuck out to me is that you didn't like the deep rimmed aviar. I had a very similar start (started with a Nova, which is basically an extra deep aviar) and went on a quest for a shallow putter. I also prefer a slightly understable putting putter as it will hold straighter longer for long putts. This landed me with a vibram summit, which I love. Nice and shallow. Feels great in the hand. The rubber (I have a med) has a different texture that people either love or hate (I'm more towards the love side).

I also have chiefs, which are super shallow and flat. Love em for upshots / driving / flicks, not so much for putting.
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the wizard is the GOAT putter, fits in the same vein as a roc and teebird.

call the gateway office and ask them to send you a flatter/shallower S or SS.
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Make the road trip to a good store, it will actually save you time and probably money too. When I started, I had a limited selection locally so I started doing research online, looked up dimensions and flight paths. Then after a few online order disappointments (if I had actually felt the disc I never would have bought it) I made a road trip.

In the end, I chose the Yeti! Never would have ordered one on line because I didn't like P&A Aviars.

The road awaits! Do it! Now!
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[QUOTE=MarkDSM;2631532]I say the good old MAGNET would be a good disc to try in this case

-Solid classic disc
-Cheap. In stores, online, and used bins.
-Shallower rim than your Yeti (a big bead aviar)
-Will remain in production, tons in the secondary market
-Factory stamp and disc name are super classy

Originally Posted by DannyM View Post
Since you were looking for a suggestion, I will say that if you do like softer putters, the Omega ss from Millenium is a good choice, and the rim is much more shallow than the Yeti.
These. Both easy to find.
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Insert favorite putter recommendation here.
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I putted with an Omega SS and gummy Rhyno for a long time, but I was never satisfied with my putting. The beginning of this year I decided I wanted a driving putter, and something new to putt with. I read lots of reviews, watched videos, finally decided on the Ion and ordered one from discgolfcenter. I really wanted to love it, but I didn't. It just didn't fit my hand like I wanted. About a month later, I was at a local shop and they had 2 used Envies. The moment I felt them in my hands I knew they were the one to get. My putting has never been better. Lesson learned, feel before you buy. The Envy has the same basic flight characteristics as the Ion, but so much better feel for me.
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SSS Wizard.
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I would pick up something more neutral than a yeti. I wouldnt go too shallow a profile, although you think you will like that, you should get comfortable with the shape of a more traditional profile. I would suggest something basic that is easy to find to get comfortable with then decide which direction you want to take it.
For that I would just suggest an basic Aviar P&A, Magnet or similar. Once you feel comfortable with your putting style you can have an idea of whether you want more or less glide, deeper, shallower ect. Then would be a good time to come back here.
I do not usually suggest stable putter for people learning to putt. So no Wizard or other beaded putters.
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