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Alternate shot can be fun among friends.

Someone eluded to what I feel is a good guiding principle if designing "non normal" formats when general attendance/random draw events are concerned.

It's this: There seems to be an unwritten rule that most attenders will want to make 18 drives and 18 putts. Well, …..the putts are negotiable. It's actually more about the drives. And drives with the freedom to make of their own choice (no opposite hand only, rollers/thumbers only, blah) In general, all things being equal, if the unique format takes away a portion of 18 drives, even say a third, some grousing is prone to happen. Of course, This is really magnified if the unique format is sprung upon regular attenders without notice.

That being said, taking a path aside form the normal is a great thing when done right.

Another variation on disc limiting (since this variation is just about disc selection/limits) is the classic "If you only have X discs" theme. One talked about version on a local forum said…
"If you only have 1.5 discs". I guess the op is describing 0.5 disc dubs...

Means: two players - 3 discs total between them. Standard best shot dubs routine.
Utilizes: Negotiation, Compromise, Strategy while not altering the gameplay routine.
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At the course I would poop on that idea, stir discontent with others present, threaten to drop out, test fire missiles into the South China Sea, and then party with Dennis Rodman.

... Wild idea, but too goofy especially if a guy is limited in play time I thinks
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I don't hate the idea, but I've been thinking about my normal doubles partners. The one guy I only bag one disc in common with, the Hu, a very flippy driver. That wouldn't work.

The other guy, my maom doubles partner, is a putting guru but a real noodle arm. He would probably say he needs his putter or Roc whereas if be more inclined to want something to range a little more.

This could be fun, but there would be some noise I think.

I love iron man tournaments in general. Typically It can be a good equalizer.
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I would do this with my friends, but probably not in a tourny. I might bring it up though as something fun to try next time we do night golf.
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I like it, but I thin it might be better with eachnplayer choosing his/her disc. So I could throw a putter only maybe and my partner might carry a driver. But with alternate shot he'd have to putt with his driver and I'd have to drive with the putter. It would make disc selection interesting. No matter what you picked on the first tee it would bite you in the backside sooner or later.
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For myself, I find alternate shot an interesting and occasional change-of-pace, but only that. I wouldn't want to do it often, and never more than 1 round in an event. As with others, I find it too much time and too much walking for too little throwing.

Sharing a single disc is interesting, but I'd suggest it in a bring-your-partner-doubles format. At least people have agreed to play together have a chance of agreeing on the disc. It could get unpleasant in a random-draw format.

Finally, any single-disc round needs to be on a suitable course---one where the chances of losing the disc, or sticking it high in a tree, are remote.
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My local course has a set of short tees, and long tees for almost every hole. We just played something similar just last Saturday, except we did a 2 disc doubles challenge from the short tees. Each of us got to choose which 2 discs and that is all we used. Made for a very fun (and quick) round. If you have a shorter course, or shorter tees, this format is a LOT of fun.
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worst shot doubles = the fun
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Reminds me of this:

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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
Sharing a single disc is interesting, but I'd suggest it in a bring-your-partner-doubles format. At least people have agreed to play together have a chance of agreeing on the disc. It could get unpleasant in a random-draw format.
That's a good point, and I'd add that it would really suck to lose a stranger's disc if you were randomly paired up.
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