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Paul Francz from switzerland is in his 50s and can still throw 450-ish. But he has been playing since the 80's and stayed in good shape the whole time. He is also one of the best grandmasters we have in europe. All the other GM's in switzerland throw about half as far as Paul.
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There's a few 50+ players out here that still can break 400'. It's not all about youth and flexibility.

I still love to beat down on the kiddies with upshot accuracy & putting.
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It really depends on the type of courses you play as to where the distance factor comes in to play. Here in the Carolinas, MOST of the courses are mostly woods, and technical, meaning that accuracy is needed much more than distance is. Yes, there are sections in most courses that "open up", where you can throw your max distance throws, but maybe 2-3 holes at most. Most of the best Masters and Grandmasters in this area are better known for their accuracy, and their short game than they are for being able to "bomb it". If you mostly play on wide open courses, then distance would be what you would be concerned about, in our area, the short game is what makes a great player. Yes, you still want to have a decent drive, but it's only a third of your game!
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Originally Posted by gdub58 View Post
I'll never understand the obsession some people have with distance.

I started playing when I was 50 and am 56 now. I am very competitive and as such really enjoy playing in tournaments. I can't remember ever playing a tournament or even a casual round where it has mattered who threw it the farthest or being impressed because someone used a putter on a 300' hole. Winning is so much more satisfying than throwing it a long way.

IMO it's about course management and putting. My rating fluctuates between 950 and 965, and if I am playing to my rating I can compete for the win in Grandmasters most of the time.

Sure, if I found a disc that added 50' to my drives I would use it, but I would much rather increase my accuracy on 30-40' putts - that will lower my score more than longer tee shots will...
How about an obsession with improving all facets of the game---including distance?

I want to putt better and throw my midranges better and throw my drivers better, both controlling lines of flight and adding distance. I want to throw better rollers. I want to improve my shaky forehand to go with my dominant backhand. On many holes, many of these techniques won't help me win. But I want to improve all of these tools, to have them when they'll help.

It's not an either/or---either improve putting, or improve distance. Why not both?
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To get back to Grotto's original post, I have wondered myself where the actual last plateau will be, for a guy who started playing as a 50 year old.

I continue to slowly improve, but I'm pretty sure that I'll never get a sniff of 350', let alone 400'.

Luckily, as many others have said, there are only a handful of holes in the courses around here that need big distance.
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realistically, i think you are "close" too max distance.
however, i am sure if you look hard enough, there might be another 20'-50' hiding somewhere.
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I also didn't start till I was over 50 and I still remember when my son told me several years ago, "I hate to tell you this, but you'll never throw over 300 feet". It's been a few years and he's still right, but he's been watching me improve my form and now thinks maybe someday I will. When I go out to practice I'm more worried about working on my short game then improving my distance, but the distance is also improving as I clean up my form.
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Originally Posted by mtb7001 View Post
58 a couple weeks ago, throwing farther than I did at 40 and wanting more next year.
Comparable age, similar results here. I suspect my current distance limit is still technical rather than physiological.

My problem with age is that improving technique can generate new strains on the body, which can lead to minor injuries, which need more time to heal than they used to. By the time I get healed up, sometimes I have "forgotten" the feel of what led to the breakthrough.

Case in point - after spraining my ankle (not age-related, just stupidity), I realized that I was not getting much push from my back leg. Played a round concentrating on back leg push, and seemed to be making progress. Unfortunately on the last couple of holes I realized that I had strained my hamstring.

After a few days off I will add some leg stretches and exercises to my (already lengthy) warm-up routine.

There are not many sports where a person can continue to improve through their 50s. Disc golf, fortunately, is one.
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Originally Posted by scotnt73 View Post
I'm 42 so I'm not over 50 but I occasionally play with a couple guys who are in their mid 50s who easily throw 400. One is fat and one is skinny . they've been playing forever. I only throw 370 on my absolute best day and usually more like 350. I really feel that its technique that wins out over age.
This. I started playing at 46 and am 48 now. I can consistently throw around 380 and every once in a while, with a little tail wind, I can throw my Tern about 425. I got there with field work and working on my form. Before I learned decent mechanics, my longer throws would hurt my elbow or shoulder. Now I just tire out from the walk after 36 holes or so.

There is a local guy in his early 30's who pride's himself on being able to throw far. It's kind of funny to watch the amount of effort and grunting that goes into his throws and mediocre form and then occasionally throw further than him.

I know that I'll start tapering eventually, but don't see any reason, barring injury, that it should start happening anytime in the next few years.
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Age itself is obviously not the limiting factor. If you want to throw farther, practice long drives often, and push yourself you will throw farther. The question is how will your body react?
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